Depression Poem

People think this is the easier way out... but just stop and think about how it will affect others around you if you just decide to disappear and never come back. I understand how hard it is and it's nothing easy to explain. But Demi got through and so can you. x


1. Depression Poem

When you wake up in the morning

And can't find a reason to live

When you feel as though your time is up

And you have nothing else to give


You walk to school with a smile on your face

And look them in the eyes

You're fighting back the tears

You're trying not to cry


You see them in the hallway

You see them in the classroom

Yet you feel so isolated

Even though they all surround you


When you're all alone in your room

You keep yourself locked away

You close your eyes and picture

A place so far away


Somewhere it seems so easy

To get on with your day

To feel so comfortable

With a real smile on your face


The bottle is nearly empty

All you need is three

Swallow them all in one go

And slip away in your sleep


You take one last look at the scars

Indented on your wrists

How well you were at hiding them

And how they've led to this


They told you it would get better

You knew they were all lies

It caused nothing more than pain

Attention seeking in their eyes


You swallowed the tablets whole

And lied back on your bed

You closed your eyes and knew

That this was always the end.



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