Kiss Me ( One Direction Fan Fic)

She's not a fan. Charlotte will never be . If anything she hates them. They don't understand why she does. Charlotte is a very not understood person. Why do they take such and effort on her. Past, Present, Future is the answer to the question. Read to find out.


2. Chapter 2

Kiss me

Chapter 2

By: youngwildfree

-3 weeks later-

I've been walking for hours. I got kicked out of my house for yelling at m step mom and my dad just say there and watched. I hated life. I hated everyone. I wanted to fall back into my old ways. When i made dents in my skin making It feel better but know it didn't killed me. I just wanted to suffer. It was cold and damp from the snow melting yesterday. I bump into someone.

"Hey, Watch I-..Charlotte?" A curly haired boy asked.

" Like you would care" I scoffed and walked away.i felt nauseous and sudden contact with the ground. I hear footsteps race to me before everything went black.

I wake up on a hospital bed. I freaked out having a panic attack. I then feel a pair of hands on t back and hushed voice saying "Breathe, Charlotte" i do as I'm told. I fall back onto my pillow as the doctor comes in.

"Charlotte, we have a lot to discuss. It has seems as though you haven't eaten in 2 weeks. Also you have cut yourself on you arms, legs, and hands. Tell me why you do that to yourself, Charlotte."

" I am forgotten so My parents neglected me . I have depression thats why. but don't send me to therapy. I have been to one already this month" I lied at the last part. I didn't need a doctor. I already knew what I was doing was unhealthy so I didn't need another person commenting on this.

I glance over at Harry and he is looking at me with sorrow eyes. I guess he cared.

"Ok but make sure you eat a take it easy. You are realeased"

I grabbed my stuff and walk out with Harry quickly following behind. I stop in my tracks.

" Thanks Harry, really. I don't need any help anymore. I'm fine."

" Where's you're house, Lotte?" He asked

" I got kicked out no biggie"

"stay with us! Please Lotte I need to make sure you are safe"

Before I could answer he pulls me into a car and starts to drive to a nice looking flat. When we walk in I see 4 guys all on the couch looking worried. They all turn to me. oh gosh.

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