Kiss Me ( One Direction Fan Fic)

She's not a fan. Charlotte will never be . If anything she hates them. They don't understand why she does. Charlotte is a very not understood person. Why do they take such and effort on her. Past, Present, Future is the answer to the question. Read to find out.


1. Chapter 1

Kiss Me

Chapter 1

By: Youngwildfree

Based off of: --

S/O: --

Waking up is a dread. I wake up with the regret of everything. I'm the unloved child. My sister is loved more than me ever since my dad got remarried to Jessica. I hate her. I drag myself out of the bed and hopping into the shower. I let the warmth of the shower block me from my feelings. I dry off when I finish. I put on my Tan sweater and my dark wash jeans. I slide on my timberlands and put on my beanie. My dark brown hair runs down my mid back swaying as I walk to my front door letting in the cold December air. I go to my favorite coffee shop. I open the door after 3 miles of walking. I then feel hands clamp around my mouth throwing me down into a booth.

" what the hell?!" I yell

" don't say who we are please" A curly haired boy says.

Oh I know who they are. One direction. I hate one direction so much. I just don't like celebrity's.

"Don't worry. I only fan girl over someone with good music." I smirk.

The 5 boys looked shock. "You are not a fan?" They whisper yell

"Nope and this conversation is over."

I walk away with confidence. I get my coffee and start to walk for the door until hands find my hips twirling me around.

"Whats your name?" Harry says getting closer "I like fiesty girls"

"Charlotte Franchimer" I get closer " And for the record. I don't like you." I push him backwards but he quickly regains balance. He smirks at me. "Come on. I know you want to give me your number."

I sigh. Jotting down something on a napkin. He opens it and is shocked my what I said. The napkin said

In your dreams

I turn on the balls of my heels and walk out the shop. I'm boss. Nobody messes with Charlotte fricking Franchimer. I skip down to my friends house leaving what just happened behind me

A/n: whats up guys! lol Charlotte is fiesty. But wi she come to love Harry and the boys. I will update 12/15/13 bye!!!<3

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