The chosen ones

The chosen ones

Giana and her sister Alexis are the chosen ones. They begin to find about there powers.So their parents Alexandra and Jacob send them to a special school with kids like them.


7. chapter 8

alexandra POV

shit fuck!giana got her powers 48 hours ago and alexis is going to get them tommorw or today.JACOB!!i yelled.yes babe he said.giana got her powers.i said really quickly.he started to cuss then he took my hand then we went up to the atic.he moved a box that was covering the door to the academy of the arts.there was a DNA check so me and jacob put our eye in the soccet and our hand in the scaner.we got in and we went to the receptonist and gave us the key to the princaple room.we made reservations. now all we have to do is what till alexis gets her powers

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