The chosen ones

The chosen ones

Giana and her sister Alexis are the chosen ones. They begin to find about there powers.So their parents Alexandra and Jacob send them to a special school with kids like them.


1. chapter 1

Alexis pov

Beep* beep* I turned off my alarm.ring ring my phone went it's my sister Giana to remind me to wake up. Uhhh I hate to wake up. I put on Black Jordans with a white polo t-shirt and black jeans I went to the bathroom to brush me teeth.

Giana pov

I called my sister to wake up I know how she hates to wake up I put on my black blue jeans with black hightops and a pink shirt. I met my sister Alexis in the bathroom.

Alexis pov

I rinsed my mouth and smelt my breath it smelled like bubble gum My sister Giana came in and i asked her what teacher are we getting and this was her wise response " since last year in 11 grade we were in a advanced class we are going to be in a 12 grade advanced class"then I said u know u are a real wise ass before she left.she told me she was going to get her iPhone..I went down stairs because me and Giana's room is on the 2 floor I went downstairs to look for my mom but she wasn't there so I looked on the 3 floor she was with my baby sis Alexandra they were both sleeping then i heard a loud bang then I ran to find Giana on the floor unconscious I yelled for my mom and she came down stairs and the baby was in the crib she told me to make breakfast while Giana has a cold towel on her head I made Giana's and I favorite breakfast pancakes with fruit ....................................................................................…5 minuteslater............................ Giana your awake !!!!!i said she said wat happend I said u fell unconscious so mom put a cold towel on your head and put u in your I made u breafast wat is it lexi(a/n that my nickname the root name from my name Alexis )......pancakes and fruit then Giana screamed "YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.we finished in like 5min.we almost missed the bus.!me and Giana went to the office and got our schedule except she has band practice from9:15 to 12:15 and I have orchestra practice from 9:30 to 12:30.i went to my locker to get my books and on my to class I bumped in to my ex(a/n a=Alexis c=Christian)

C:I am sooo sorry.........Alexis?

A:um do I know u

C:it's me Christian :)?

A:oh yea

C:can I see your schedule


C:we have the same thing but u have orchestra 9:30 to 12:30 and I have band 9:45 to 10:45


He put his arm around shouldn't do that.i said why because he will get jealous.who is he.My boyfriend is Brendon Urie.and with that he took his arm off of me .we walked to class


~~~~~~~~~~~skip to home~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

me and Giana went to our room.RING RING RING RING RING RING it was my bf(a/n a=Alexis b=Brendon)

A=hey babe

B=hey u want to go on a date


B=coming at like 4:30

A=bye babe

B=bye cutie

I then got dressed in converses,a blue crop top with an undershirt that says I love haters and I hate lovers, with black ripped was about 4:30 and I told my mom and dad about the date and they said be back at 10.i heard a horn honk outside so I went outside.i got into my babes blue lamberghini.

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