My name is Skyler. I'm 18 years old and it's Christmas Eve. My parents are gone-again. While I'm walking through the park, I run into the guy that turns my whole life upside down- and it's because of one kiss.
A British_Carrot Copywrite
(c)Prince Republic Stories2013


6. chapter 6 (final chapter)

Louis drives us to my house to see if my parents are home like they said they would. The minute Louis pulled up to the driveway and stopped the car, I ran at full speed to the front door. I pulled my keys out of my bag so anxiously that I dropped them the minute I pulled them out. When I picked up my keys Louis walks up to me at the door."excited?" He said sarcastically.

"What tipped you off?" I said jokingly. When I unlocked the door Louis took me hand and we walked in together.

"Mom? Dad? Anybody here?" I shouted."they must be upstairs!" I said hopefully. I ran upstairs and looked in every room on the top floor. Empty. I walked down the stairs slow and disappointed.

"Anybody there?" He asked. I shook my head and walked toward him. He hugged me and my phone buzzed.

Mom: hi sweety! Merry Christmas!:)

Skyler: where r u mom? You said that you'd be here for x-mas!!

Mom: I know but you know that we can't leave until the client has made up their mind

Skyler: whatever! Merry Christmas

Mom: merry christmas xx<3

I sat down and started to cry into my hands. Louis sat next to me and hugged me and sang White Christmas quietly so that only I could hear him. When he finished singing I stopped crying. When he stood up, he took my hand and helped me up. He looked up and saw mistletoe that I never noticed before. He looked down at me and shared a long kiss...under the mistletoe...

The end

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