My name is Skyler. I'm 18 years old and it's Christmas Eve. My parents are gone-again. While I'm walking through the park, I run into the guy that turns my whole life upside down- and it's because of one kiss.
A British_Carrot Copywrite
(c)Prince Republic Stories2013


4. chapter 4

Louis took me to Olive Garden for dinner. Usually, you have to wait a REALY long time to get a table, but I guess when you're part of one direction, you don't wait for a whole lot. The waitress came to take our order, and when she saw Louis, she freaked out.

"OMG!! I can't believe it's the Louis Tomlinson from one direction!!" Said the waitress.

"Yeah. Hi. Could we have a couple of pepsi's?" Louis said.

"Of course you can!" The waitress said. When she walked away, she slipped Louis his phone number. I laughed and Louis smirked.

"It happens," Louis said. And I laughed again.

After dinner we headed back to my house to get some pajamas, clothes, and everything else I might need. We went back to the hotel and once again, the paparazzi swarmed at us, this time not letting us through until we answer their questions.

"Louis, are you two dating?"

"I guess we are" Louis said.

"Can we get a picture?"

"Sure, I guess" the paparazzi takes pictures and Louis says to pose for the cameras then laughs. The paparazzi tells us countless times to kiss but Louis just smiles an I do the same.

When we get into the hotel Louis stops before he opens the door. "I had fun, Skyler."

"Me, too" Louis leans in and kisses me for a while, until Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn open the door and start "oohing" at us.

"Alright, alright. Shut up, guys" Louis said, a little annoyed. When we get into the apartment, there's no place for me to sleep.

"Um... guys, where's Skyler gonna sleep?"

"Oh yeah, follow us" Liam said. They led us down the hall and into what I think is Louis's room.

"Have fun, guys" Niall said.

"Very funny" Louis said. Louis and I went into his room and sat on the bed. He turned on A Year Without a Santa Clause and we curled up on the bed. I rested my head on Louis's shoulder and he kissed my forehead.

I think it was near midnight when I fell asleep.

When I woke up all the guys were about a foot away from my face and they all shouted "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and handed me a handful of wrapped boxes with my name on them. "You guys didn't need to get me anything. When did you get these anyway?"

"We went to the mall when you two lovebirds were at dinner" Niall said. I opened my presents in bed with all of the guys sitting around Louis and I. Most of the presents consisted of jewelry or hair stuff.

"Thanks you guys! For everything" I said.

"No problem" they all said in unison. Louis kissed my cheek and put his arm around me. We ate breakfast and decided to surprise my sister at my grandma's house.

Oh boy... I can't wait to see ow this is gonna turn out...

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