Renessmee's imprint life.

Hi I'm renessmee and this is my diary and it tells you all about the antics that me and my family get upto.but what is going to happen when I realise two is that Jacob had actually imprinted on me and two that I nursed a gigantic crush on his.


4. Dear diary:-)

Dear diary may 5 2013 age 15 looks 17 mental age 19 rose and emm's house.

hi,mom and dad are going to esmé's island for 1 mounts so I am spending 2 weeks at rose and emm's 1 week at jakes and 1 week at Carlisle,esmé ,Alice and Jasper's.

aregh I am soooooo bored we are going hunting later me jas Alice rose car and ezzy.but now i am bored,I think I'm going to go into the forest and sparkle,for a bit.Oh hang on a sec I am turning 12 tomorrow.ooooq jake said that he had something to tell me on my twelfth birthday soooo I must be spending the day with the pack tomorrow.

gotta go,we,are going hunting now 





i may slow update cause this book isn't my priority 

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