Renessmee's imprint life.

Hi I'm renessmee and this is my diary and it tells you all about the antics that me and my family get upto.but what is going to happen when I realise two is that Jacob had actually imprinted on me and two that I nursed a gigantic crush on his.


3. Dear diary

Dear diary 4 may 2013 age 5 looks 11 mental age 17 living room 9:00am,

hi dad made me make my bed so I couldn't write until I gad made is with Alice and rose looking for a high school for me to go to the only problem is mom and dad want to come with me.they would be year 9's and I would be a year 7.hang in a sec.

"DAD I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL WITH JAKE"I suddenly thought and yelled.

"ok will text mom now and ask her"he added in a tone that said that he wouldn't.

ok if dad won't tell her I will.

"dad I'm going out,I want to see Esmé and Carlisle".i whispered noting that dad would here me.

"ok Nessie come back with your mom.cause me and emmett are going hunting then you can go tomorrow with jake and mom.then me jake your mom and yourself are going to look around mine and Bella's old school."dad said,I then remembered that dad's eyes had been cole coloured for days.

i grabbed my Blue Dior bag and walked out of the door.

gotta go 




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