Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


16. The Philosopher's Stone

The end of Hogwarts has finally arrived. I was told Harry Potter was in the Hospital Wing after fighting Lord Voldemort or you could say Professor Quirrell. I had just finished packing my things in my trunk when George called up to me. "Come on mate we're going."


I ran out the door and took one look back. The room was empty and cold. I was the last to leave. I ran down the stairs and saw George and Maisey sat near the fire. I ran up to them. "Lets go."

"About time." Said George.

"You know its strange how this turned out. I never thought this would turn out like this. I mean us three together as friends." Said Maisey.

"I know, i didn't think it would be us as for we have other friends were with when we are not together." I said.

We made it to the bottom of the Grand Staircase. We entered the Great Hall and sat with our house. I swiped in the seat and George sat opposite me.

"What are you going to do when you get home." Said George.

"I dunno, probably have fun with magic and learn new stuff for next year."

"I can't do magic where i live, its a hut... Well more like a cottage and not to small. We live around muggles and see them often alot. At Halloween my parents get them around all the time." Smirked George.

"Wow, you must be careful around them then. And if you are too careful then they will think you are a weird family and have secrets about."

I picked up my goblet and drank from it. The light hit the golden goblet and made be look away, and look behind me from the brightness. I rubbed my eyes and saw in front of me Harry Potter.

"Hey there." He said happily. "Thanks for all you done for me like take on Draco and that."

"Thats alright." I said.

Harry walked back to his table as Michael ran into him and continued running.

"Marcus come quick." He said.

"What have you done now."

I followed Michael out of the Great Hall and to Hogwarts Grounds. We ran by Hagrid's hut who wasn't there. And into a few trees and out again so fast. There was a massive area of land and animals around.

"I don't see whats wrong." Said Maisey.

"Look at him." Screamed Michael.

"We can't see anyone. Anyway why were you here." I said.

"I was delivering something to Hagrid and heard a noise, he told me to get you."


"I... I knew i should of got Harry."

"No! Wait who is it." I yelled as the birds flew away.

"Sirius Black!" Cried Michael who took a few steps back and tripped, he went running but was caught.

"Ahh, Crucio."Michael had lost control of his legs and fell flat on his face again.

"Show yourself." I screamed.

Sirius came out from a tree and apparated behind us. I started sweating and panicking. Maisey held me towards her and away from Sirius. 

"Hello boy, come and join the family." He said. He fell back as someone shot at him. 

"Who is that." Yelled Professor Snape.

A few other teachers gathered behind him. "Get away." He pointed to us.

Sirius was about fight back in his dangling robes. He vanished and only let a sign of black dust left.

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