Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


3. Platform 9 3/4

We were rushing as for the little butter beer break had made us loose track. I ran with my trolley after Jacob and Bethany. Matt wasn't worried at all. They stopped as so many people were in front going through aswell.

"Go on Nevile."

The small boy ran half crying inside as he made a run for it. He vanished through the wall.

"Whats going on?" I asked.

I watched the boys parents go in after him. Next was another boy my age too and his two parents a little boy about the age of ten.

"Well that fat boy Nevile has been causing us to loose time, its four minutes to eleven O'clock! We been here for about ten minutes!" The boy screamed.

"Whats your name?"

"Dose it really matter!" He said.

I place my hand against the trolley and pushed it up to the wall and watched Jacob run through after Bethany. "Me next!"

I was pushed off my feet as my luggage went flying followed by my trunk that almost went on the tracks. I got up and pulled out my wand, i flicked it to see what would happen. A gust of wind flew out and right at the boy making his luggage go everywhere and knocking him over. I went to go as for my parents weren't here and trusted Matt to watch me and hep me. Matt swam passed and through the wall. I went after as i heard the boy saying to him mum.

"That little rat face, did you see what he did." He cried.

"Baby." I whispered to myself.

I saw the smoke of the red smashing steam engine and read. "The Hogwarts Express"

I had finally made it.


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