Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


8. Halloween

I woke up in bed and saw two boys starring at me. "Hi im Nathan and this is Aaron. Said the boy. Nathan had black hair and was short. "Im Indian. Its amazing there with magic. Its very helpful."

"Wow you must have come far then." I said.

"Yes, yes i have."

"Its called floo powder you know?" Said Aaron.

"I know what floo powder is thanks."

"Thats fine. We just wanted to say thanks for showing big head Steven a lesson."

"But i didn't do much."

"We know but you will soon." Laughed Aaron.

I got out of bed and on the chair next to me was my jumper and tie. I got out my trousers and cape from my trunk.

"Whats in there." Said Nathan.

"Uh nothing just some spare clothes and..."

"Blimey, you have alot of cards in there." Screamed Nathan.

"Yeah i know, if you want i can show you them and trade later."

"OK that would be great."

Nathan followed Aaron out the room. "Well see you later then."

I looked around and saw that they were the only boys who were awake other than Steven. I looked at George who was fast asleep. I thought, do i really want to be with him. No, today is time for new friends.

"Hey, wait." I called.


"Toads, ain't it." Laughed Aaron.

"Say what now?" I said.

"What!" Screeched Nathan.

"No i mean. What does toads mean?" I screeched back. Everyone stared our way at the table and then continued.

"Come on. Oh yeah it means totally. But i didn't finish."

Nathan picked up a spider lollie on a stick. Aaron ate a Berty bots every flavor beans. "Yuck. Bogey flavor."

"Haha. This is the most fun i have for a while." I said.

I looked a bit further down the table and saw Maisey studying a book. I got up.

"Where you going i thought this was  fun." Said Nathan.

"I think he meant he was going to have fun." Laughed Aaron.

"Oh yeah cause were so boring."

"Don't worry i'll be back." I laughed.

I walked further down to Maisey and sat opposite her.


She got up and walked away. She headed straight for the doors when.


Everyone looked in terror.
 I looked back at Nathan and Aaron, Nathan was screaming and Aaron was laughing his head off. I couldn't help laughing when i saw Nathans face and him choking no spider lollie. I ran up to Maisey who was inches away from getting hit by the door. On my way down i was bumped into by Harry and Ron. I grabbed Maisey's hand. She looked at me.

"I'm sorry, i don't know why im acting like this." She said.

"I didn't mean it saying your a show off but you slightly are and that was just one lesson." I said.

Maisey smiled and gave me a big hug.

"I like you that's all." 

I walked back to Nathan and Aaron and Maisey came running behind.

"Everyone back to your dorms." Shouted Professor Dumbledore.

Everyone fled the hall and one boy bumped into me.

"Sorry there. Hi im Michael."
"Your Michael this is great hey."

"Sorry got to go."

Michael flew out the hall and i was stood there.

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