Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


17. Going Home

I ran into the Great Hall as everyone was leaving, this morning i has seen Sirius Black and was running back with Maisey and Michael. We missed a few things in assembly. "Oh well lets join the others." Said Maisey.

"Fine with me. What was Sirius trying to tell us?" I said.

"Don't worry about it."

We walked to the Boathouse and rowed across getting to Hogsmeade Station. We boarded the train. We all sat in the same compartment as always as it was right by the door and the second carriage from the front of the train. "Going home already. Home you guys send owls to me and keep in touch.

"I will, I'll write to you Maisey." I said.


"I guess so, unless people start noticing we have an owl postman." He laughed.

"Don't worry about it, you will never see them when you leave for Hogwarts." I said.

"Who now?" Asked Maisey.

"People that live around him, there all muggles. I live quite far out from town and a few other witches and wizards are around us." I said.

"What do you do in your spare time?"

"We have a quidditch pole place where we and our two neighbors play at, all of us go every Friday... Its just a while away." I said.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a few quidditch cards with famous people on. "I get these when i trade with my neighbors."
"Who are your neighbors, do they go to Hogwarts?" Said Maisey.

"No, one family are two adults and have one child who left Hogwarts about a year ago now. And the other family has two twins but go to St Mungo's."

Maisey gazed out the window. George sat up listening to me as for Michael was reading Quidditch Through The Ages. "I always get them saying how great it is to my family and trying to make me go there. But my dad wants me to learn at Hogwarts as for they have great Quidditch players in every house. So we all battle it out on Friday to see whos best. Going home and soon its gonna be Friday so I'll have to show them... At least we got Jacob."

"Wow tell me more about your family, you fun from what i hear." Said George gladly.

The door opened to our compartment.

"Anything from the trolley dears?" Said a big large women.

"Great, pumpkin pastes." Laughed George. "I don't have enough i guess i spent the lot already."

"I'll pay for you. And some Berty Bott Beans." I said.

The women shut the door and walked on. "So... What next should i tell you about."
"How about me and you." Smiled Maisey from the corner.

I gave a face that said yeah right. Maisey looked back out the window and sat in silence.

"Sorry Maisey, come here."

Maisey got up and sat next to me and leaned on me. I looked left as George was looking at me and eating.

"What about you Maisey?" Said George.

"Nah not now."

Maisey leaned against the window and rubbed her head.


"OK George." He said as he put his book down. George got up and sat next to him listening.

"Wow this is the only time you listen George." I laughed.

"Hey, but i just like stories." he smiled.

"My family are all wizards and witches but we live in a road and at the end, its hard as for muggles live down our road and we have to be all muggle like around them.We do get to do magic things and we're planing on moving to the countryside with my nan and grandad and then we will be free of muggles and use magic when we want. Next year I'll tell you how its going." Said Michael as he took a breath.

The train started to slow down and came to a bump. Maisey hit her head on the metal window.

"You alright?" I said.

"Yeah, why are we stopping."

The lights flickered. Michael looked out the window and said one word.


"What is it?" Said George who rushed to the window. He stared down as he saw nothing but water, We were stuck on a bridge. I left the compartment and looked out, i looked left and saw a head pop out, Jacob and Beth were with a bunch of friends and waved over at me. Maisey flipped through next to me and waved back. Behind them was Matt then Harry with Ron and Hermione and that was the carriage. There was only one prefect and no teachers. The prefect was Beth. 

"Marcus i give up on you."

Everyone panicked as the doors all shut and locked. Only me and Harry were still standing, he looked at me and nodded. I looked behind me.

"Be right back don't go anywhere unless you have to." I said.

I stumbled down the corridor as Harry walked by my side. We were in the first carriage and alot of students were gathering around. Teachers appeared as there were two for every carriage all going past and checking everyone.

"Potter, the train is being taken over." Said Professor Mc Gonagal.

"You... Marcus come with me." Said Snape.

I followed him as i looked behind and saw Harry being hidden behind everyone. The room lit as the candles lit up. A few other teachers were there. "Why was Sirius Black... I hate saying his name that little... Calling you?" Said Snape.

"I... I... I don't know."

I looked down and thought, i knew why he was here. "Hes here because hes my family." I yelled as i came out with it. The heads turned and looked at me after they stopped arguing.

"Go back to your compartment now!" Roared Snape.

I ran out worriedly as i saw that everyone outside had heard what i said about Sirius. I ran back to my compartment and sat with Maisey. She put here arm around me as i leaned into her.

"What happened whats wrong?"

"Everyone knows!" I cried. I wiped my eyes and sat up. 

"That your related."

"Yes." I said.

The lights all came back on and the train started moving again. I looked out the window trying to forgot about it as Dementors flew up and vanished. They must have took him back. 


Off the train and going to my family as i went to run over to them, I was pulled back.

"See you next year, you should come over mine one day." Said Maisey who smiled and kissed me on the cheek. She gave me her address and walked on. I shook hands with Michael.

"See you next year mate." I said.

"Bye." He replied.

George came off the train next and came up to me.

"Well see you in Digaon Alley in September hey?" Laughed George.

"Sure and we'll do much more next year."

Shannon came down next.

"Didn't see you much this year but i hope that will change next year." She laughed.

"Of course it will."

Aaron came down next.

"I want more games next year, and teach me a few spells would ya." He laughed. He walked on.

"Nathan." I said.



"Well, c'ya next year mate. And I'll bring some Quidditch Cards too."

"Great." I said.

Nathan walked with the others as i waved to all of them goodbye. Together we were one big family, or at least a great group of friends.

"Hey! See ya next year." Said Harry Potter.

"Harry, wow so great seeing you in flesh and seeing you this much, great work on the stone thing. Well wait till next year."

"Yep sure." He said as Ron and Hermione came behind him and followed.

"Bye." Said Hermione. Ron shook my hand and laughed. Then he patted my back. I finally turned around and went for my family and nobody was gonna stop me...

"Hey you!"


"Great battle earlier." He said.

He shook my hand and walked on calling Crabe and Goyle to follow. Now nobody was going to stop me. I ran up up and stopped. Jacob and Beth both stood on each side of me.

"Lets go." I said.

We all ran up to our family and walked back to the muggle world.


                                                                        The End




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