Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


11. First Duel

The two boys let us in a made an evil laugh. "They just think we will be beaten right away that's why they let us in." Mumbled Aaron.

"Hmm don't worry its just other losers." Sniggered Draco.

He stood up on a desk and called everyone to crowd around. Everyone were mostly Slytherin. There were a few Gryffindors huddled together and regretting to come here. Two Hufflepuffs and already three Ravenclaws that made six of us now. "Come face me one of you losers and see if you as bad as these over crap houses."

Aaron gave him the evils.

"Hmm. I said face me you mudbloods." 

Draco drew his wand. "Conjunctivitis."

The spell hit straight for Nathans eyes."Don't bother, it damages his eyesight."

Draco pointed at me then Aaron. "Stupefy." 

Aaron flew back and hit the wall making him knock out.

"Stop this."

"What have you got."

"I got a few," I yelled.

"Oh well a shame you won't be around to tell us... Stu..."


My wand shook and hit Draco's out of his hand and into the fish tank. 

"You filthy little mudblood..."

The wall came down.

"Thats enough Draco." Said Harry.

Harry Potter was stood before Maisey, George, Nevile, Ron, Seamus and many more.

"How did you find me?"

"I have a few other friends." Said Harry. He looked over at me and winked.

I smiled and walked up to him.

"Stop attacking students."

"Confundus." Called Draco with Goyle's wand.

Harry knocked back confused and his glasses smashed on the ground. Crabbe grabbed Draco's wand and the three of them began casting.

George was hit in the chest by stupefy and Maisey came in front of him yelling spells and hitting Goyle over. Ron and Seamus attacking Crabbe. I went for Draco who dodged my attack and ran around the corner. Harry got up and followed me.

"Stupefy." I called. The spell smashed the fish tank and missed Draco's head by an inch. He flipped on the water and fell back. Draco got up and dodged Harry's attack.

"My father taught me all kinds of spells. More than you will ever know."

"Stupefy." I yelled again.

"Ennervate." Said Draco.

The spells well choosing who to go to. I pushed harder and the spell came closer to Draco. He pushed harder and before i had a chance the spell shot at me and i fell back into Harry as Draco got away. The room emptied and i lay there alone until Harry returned later with Madam Pomfrey. 

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