Hogwarts Adventure

Marcus and George go on an adventure of a life time, to Hogwarts. They meet friends and enjoy the year as well as seeing Harry Potter in flesh.


14. Back To Hogwarts

I got up off my seat again on the Hogwarts Express. I looked out the doors again. "Anyone?" Asked Aaron.

"No, looking for someone." I said.

I sat back down next to George, we were sat opposite Nathan and Aaron. Michael was sat next to the window on my side. "I'm gonna go somewhere."

"OK. Well see you around." Said Nathan.

I got out the area and walked down to the next carriage, it was the same but everyone was in like one big area and a few sat opposite each other. At the end was Draco, i tried to avoid him and sat next Maisey.

"Hey, this is Heather." She said. I suddenly felt like i was swinging. Heather in Hufflepuff. She saw George die before her and ME! This was crazy. "You alright."


Did i just see the future? It was told to me like a short story. I fell back which cause everyone to look around at me. I didn't want that to happen as for Draco was here.

"Oh what do you know, its that mudblood again." He said.

Slowly everyone heard the fire moving. It got Draco's and the others attention whilst i got up.

"Leave my grandson alone you coward. Go run to your father little baby goodie two shoes." Moaned the voice loudly.

Everyone laughed as Draco freaked out on the spot. "Good day Marcus, soon you shall be with me together."

Sirius? I thought as i stood there.

"Who was that you little..." Draco swore.

The crowd went mad. People whispering he said the worst bad word there is. I felt the power of darkness within me, i made an evil laugh.

"What you gonna do baby... Baby baby." I screamed. Instantly my wand flicked itself as the lights flickered red, black then red again and kept going on. I said a spell that i forgot right away and nobody else heard me say it. But i remembered seeing it next to Sirius. The spell had hit Draco in the chest. He fell back bleeding. This can't happen it must be forgotten. My hand was instantly grabbed.

"Hold on" Said Hermione.

She took out her time-turner. I fell back as she let go of me. I got up off the ground and entered the room again, everything happened again. I was about to do the light changing thing again, but i remembered it. I forced my hand to stay down and dropped my wand. I picked it up right away and ran back to the carriage.

"So what happened?" Said Nathan.

"Not much i was in an argument with Draco and fled." I said.

"We here. Look i can see the castle from here." Cheered Aaron.

We got ready to leave and  bumped into people in the corridor. Maisey grabbed my hand.

"Wait for me." She said.

She reached out for me and got to me in time. We left with the others.

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