My name is Mckenzie Bliss, but my life is not pure bliss.
I mean with school, gymnastics and fangirling over 1D all the time, I've not got much time for anything else. So grab some hot chocolate, curl up with a blanket and read on....,


1. Wow



My name is Mckenzie Bliss, but my life is anything but pure bliss,I mean with school, my gymnastics and my time that I spend fangirling about 1D  I have no time whatsoever. So settle down with some hot chocolate and read on....

" Kenzie! Please?" My best friend Carly pleaded, giving me the puppy dog eyes. "No, and I've told you already, my name is Mckenzie. I hate the name Kenzie. Anyway I have already been in super drug today." I groan, fed up, cold and hungry.
 "Ok, whatever, I'm hungry. Lets go to the bakery, the one that Harry used to work in before he was famous!" She babbled, dramatically fangirling.

We walk down the street, cross the cobbled road and step in to Oliver Adams bakery. As I open the door a bell chimed quietly. "Hello girls! What can I get for you?" Asked a jolly man from behind the counter.
"What was Harry's fave?" Me and Carly asked.
"A sausage roll, and as your our 20th customers today I have got the  chance of a life time to give to you. As you know Harry Styles used to work here, so we are letting you 2 girls spend 1 whole week living with Harry and his band mates!" The man cheered.
" Thank you so much!" I shrieked.


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