My name is Mckenzie Bliss, but my life is not pure bliss.
I mean with school, gymnastics and fangirling over 1D all the time, I've not got much time for anything else. So grab some hot chocolate, curl up with a blanket and read on....,


4. Perrie and Eleanor

Chap 4

Mckenzie's point of view.

We jumped into his red sports car and zoomed off into the distance, hoping the best for our future together. 
"Where do you live?" Harry questioned, giving me a cheeky grin.
"26 Heather avenue." I reply.
He nods and we turn a corner and into my street, I grab my keys out of my skinny jeans pocket and open my front door. I nod my head at Harry then grab my things, I figured I would be staying there a while. I grab practically everything, shove it in a suitcase and pull it out to Harry's car, I lock the door and jump in.
"Got everything?" Harry asked, I nodded and we drove to  a mansion with high security all around us. Harry showed a pass, scanned it and the enormous gate opened, revealing a world of wonder. Well if i was 11, it would be a wonderland anyway. There were swimming pools, trampolines, bouncy castles, private ice cream vans, the lot.
They're like 10 year olds, honestly!
Harry opens the door and calls the boys down. 
They say hi, but then Harry takes me to my room. Not the same as his one. 

The walls were a deep purple, but one was white. 
"An art wall, because you love art. Every time you finish a painting type in your pin, the picture will come off. You then put that somewhere and replace the canvas, which are stored in the storage room. Every bedroom has its own storage room." Harry explained whilst demonstrating. 
"Oh and there are loads of paints and pencils in the storage room." He added. I grab my suitcases smile at Harry and shut the door. This room is epic! I carefully unpack my things, then go down to the kitchen and grab a green, sour apple. 
As I bite into my apple I have an idea for art, a abstract pice.
I run up the stairs, grab every art supply in the storage room and go onto the laminate flooring of the art area. I get right to work. I pull out my oil paints and make a modern piece of art. After 3 hours, it was done. I take the canvas off of the wall and slip a new one on. I look around my space, through one door I had a mini kitchen with a microwave, a toaster, a kettle and cupboards. Through another I had a bathroom, a toilet, a sink, and a bath. Next to that door was a spa kind of thing. I looked through the next 2 doors, one was a living area with a tv, a couch a DVD player, a docking station with an iPod touch, a stereo and a stack load of CDs. All 1D with 2 little mix ones. In the other room was a gallery with hooks to hang my canvases on! I am so lucky. I run down to the basement where you can use the speakers to announce things to the whole house.
"Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Perrie Edwards and Eleanor Cadler. Thank you all so much!" I holler to the boys and their girlfriends, who are also living here. Crash! Bang! Thunder rumbles as they tumble down the stairs. "Your welcome." Harry coos charmingly.
"Lads, and lasses, this is Mckenzie Bliss. My girlfriend." Harry  smiles." You got yourself a hot one there Haz" Zayn jokes,  Perrie shoots him a glare. 
"Liam Payne, nice to meet you." Liam mumbles as he shakes my hand.
"Louis Tomlinson, a carrot fanatic at your service." Louis jokes.
"Eleanor Cadler, Louis' girl." Eleanor introduced.
"Zayn, Zayn Malik." He simply shrugged.
"Perrie Edwards." She chirped. 
"Niall Horan." Niall grunted, I blush at all the attention. 
"Thank you all so much for welcoming me and letting me stay, I don't want to cause any bother." I grin.
"So Kenzie.." Perrie starts.
"Do not call her Kenzie, she gets mad. If you want to call her anything you call her Mckenzie or Bliss." Harry warned. I laughed and motioned for Perrie to continue. 
"So, Bliss, we need to tell you the 411. Come to the girl hang out that doesn't look like a wonderland for 10 year olds." She laughed. They dragged me away laughing like idiots. 
"Bye babe, see you later?" I guess. They pull me past my room, but then run back, tell me to enter my pin then they run into the living area.
"Come in." I pointlessly say. They laugh, I could tell we were going to be close.
"Go get some popcorn out of your cupboards." Eleanor yells.
"I haven't got anything in my cupboards, haven't put anything in them." I reply.
""Yes you do, I stocked up this morning on everything." Perrie slyly remarks.
I run and make the popcorn then return to the living area.
"The 411?" I joke.
"Right. Rule 1 no funny business with any of the girls men." Perrie glared at me, obviously thinking back to me formally meeting the guys.  
"Obviously." I shrug.
"Rule 2: girls share room pin codes. So we can borrow girl essentials if we have run out, like tampons, pads. And we can  borrow each others clothes." Eleanor smiles,
"2605" I state.
"2020" Perrie smiles.
"2013" Eleanor adds.
"Can we change our codes?" I ask.
Perrie nods. 
"Anything else?" I add.
"Yep, share twitter users and passwords. @Real_Perrie_Edwards
Zaynie is my password." Perrie simply smiled.
Password is Boobear" El shrugged.
Password is Pure." I admit. 

We then run out of the room and into another section of the house I had never seen before. Perrie scanned her finger on a scanner, a light flashed green, Eleanor did the same, the light flashed green again and they both stepped through the door." Wait there Perrie" stated. I nod. After a few minutes of the door shutting, she shouted through the door to scan my finger. So I did. The light flabed green and I entered the 'Girl hangout'. After a little landing there was a room with three king sized beds in, each with the same silk duvet covers but in different colours. One black, one turquoise the other deep purple. "That one is yours." Perrie said pointing to the one with the black duvet cover. Perrie's bed was the turquoise one, in the middle and Eleanor's was the one on the end, purple. 
"What are these beds for?" I enquirer, a bit puzzled.
"For when we have fallen out with the guys, for sleepovers, for when were too lazy to go back to our rooms." Perrie dazed, letting out a slight giggle. 
"We have everything that a girl could need, so we never have to go back to our rooms to fetch things. We even have clothes, as we are all the same size we just bought some stuff that we thought you would like." Perrie continued. 
I nodded.
"As we all have our own space down here for things we like to do  studio and I have a selection if clothes that I am going to model." Eleanor declares.
"Great!" I grin, chuffed.
"We also have a proper spa, with workers." Perrie adds. 
"Please can we all sleep in here tonight?" I ask. They nod.
"Oh. And Eleanor can I speak to you?" I ask, "In private?" 
"Sure, Perrie, why don't you go to the recording studio, practice move and little me fir your big live X factor performance?" Eleanor replies.
Perrie skipped off. 
"Do you like  me?" I ask, getting straight to the point.
"Yes. I hate you very much, I hate your guts. Do you know why?" She raged.
"No." I trembled.
"Because I was going to leave Lou and ask Harry to be my boyfriend. Then you stole him, bit*h! And you stole Perrie, I wanted it to be just the 2 of us!" She roared.
I started to sob, but that soon ended, and I cried my heart out.
"Good!" She snapped.
I run out the room and follow the wonderful sound of Perrie's voice, still crying my heart out.
I open the door and the second Perrie sees the state I am in she stops dead.
"What did she say?" Perrie demanded.
"Well I asked her if she liked me because she has been very quiet. And she roared that she hated my guts and about how I stole you and Harry from her." I sob.
"That girl is going to pay." Perrie curses, giving me a much needed hug. 


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