My name is Mckenzie Bliss, but my life is not pure bliss.
I mean with school, gymnastics and fangirling over 1D all the time, I've not got much time for anything else. So grab some hot chocolate, curl up with a blanket and read on....,


3. Girlfriend/boyfriend

Chap 3 


We decide to play with a twist so we writ down all our questions and swapped papers. I am going to ask her, the question that has been on my mind. "Mckenzie, are we like a girlfriend/boyfriend couple or are we just dating?" I babble, scared of what my beautiful date will say.
"Well, what do you want us to be?"  She whispers, crawling on to my lap. I try and stop myself from having a boner. 
"Girlfriend and boyfriend." I meekly reply, then kiss her. But this time it was a proper kiss, her tung gains entrance to my mouth and we kiss for what seems like hours. We soon are gazing into each others eyes, "So, boyfriend, when should we start telling people?" She asks. 
"Today, you two can start living with us today instead of tomorrow, and we will tell everyone over the phone, then explain it properly over dinner." I suggest, eager to introduce my new girlfriend to my band mates.
"Sure, I'll go call Carly, you call everyone else." She spouts, running out the room with her pink iPhone in her phone. 

Mckenzie pov 

I grab my phone and dial annoying Carly's number. 
(C means Carly. M means Mckenzie)

go to the bakery Car Car, me and Harry are going to come and pick you up today. I have been at his all afternoon, so could you pick up some of my stuff?

Why have you been at Harry's all day? I won't get your stuff until you tell me what's going on between you 2.
We're dating! Well actually we are girlfriend/boyfriend!  We kissed, and we've made out! I love him, I really love him Carls.

You knew I liked him, but you dated him anyway, never speak to me ever again! Tell everyone that there was a friendship crisis and I couldn't attend!

(End of phone call)

Harry's pov

I called the boys, they were really happy for me. This is  the 1st girl I've had after Taylor. I guess I had never really gotten over her. I hope Carly took the news alright. 
A few seconds later Mckenzie came in the room tears rolling  down her cheeks. 
"What's up?" I ask in concern.
"She never wants to see me again!" She cries. 
"Never mind, you've got 4 new best friends and a boyfriend now bliss." I soothe her.
"Bliss," she mumbles cheering up," I like it. You can't call me Kenzie, but you can call me Bliss."
"Ok my baby bliss, ok." I whisper.
"I need to pick up my stuff, could you come with me?" She asks. I nod, pick up my car keys and usher her out of the door. 



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