Without her

The wedding is going to be a good thing for the couple. But their lives are different without Miley. It’s not all nice like you would think it would, they are crying really often. They are missing her every day. Darcy keeps a secret; James and she keep a secret. Will Zara and Ben find out? They will need the boys more than ever! But will Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis be there for them? Sequel to New life.


1. The wedding

~~Zara POV
Eleanor, Perrie, Sylvianne and Sophia were here to help me getting ready for my wedding. Noemi-Victoria was too pregnant to help. Yeah, pregnant again.
“You’re amazingly beautiful hun! But now, put the dress on!” Eleanor said
“Thanks for your help! It’s going to be the most important and beautiful day of my life! Oh, god! I can’t believe I’m getting married!” I yelled in joy.
This is me in my dress:

Ten minutes later, I was walking down the alley (A/N I don’t know if you call it that but…). I looked at Ben, I had butterflies in my stomach. Dad was beside me and I was kinda holding his arm. I felt weird, but OMG so good. I was happy for once since Miley’s death. I was now beside Ben. He looked… there is just no words to describe it.
When you’ll be on your wedding day, you’ll understand. You’re feeling nervous, but happy. And when you see the person you love being there, waiting for you to be with him/her for the rest of your life, you feel… Wanted. Loved. Good. Happy. Excited. You just, feel like this is the end of your life, but the start of a better one. It’s really complicated to explain… But it’s an amazing feeling, but still, weird. A lot of emotions…

The prayer says some weird things I didn’t understand, since my mom and I never went to church before. Well, for my grandmother’s funeral, but… I was too busy crying and missing her to listen.
But I understood those worlds : “Zaria Eva Payne, do want to take Ben Harry Style for husband?” He said. I smiled shyly and answered.
“I do” And then it was Ben’s turn. His answer was
“Of course I do” I let a tear escaped, and the prayer said “You may now kiss the bride” Or something like that.  I felt Ben kissing me. I kissed back, forgetting there were person looking at us. We pulled away after a while. Everyone clapped and I saw Sophia, Noemi (A/N let’s call her that…), Eleanor, Perrie and Sylvianne crying. Darcy was crying to. She was hugging… James? Okay… I’ll need to talk to them after…


“Zara, Ben! Congratulation to you two! You are such a great couple! I can’t believe it!” Chloe said, making both Me and Ben blushed.
“Thanks Chloe! Hey, did you see James and Darcy hugging each other?” I asked.
“Hum… I kinda have to go!” She said, leaving me without any answer. It was weird.
“Okay… Let’s go talk to them babe!” Ben said.
We walked to go see them. They were talking with Jasmin and Christopher. Darcy and Jasmin were still looking emotional… It was really nice to them, but okay… get over it! 
“Hellllllo! How does it feel to be married!?” Was the first Jasmin said. I started to laugh.
“I was actually here to talk to James and Darcy” I said. They both looked at each other and blushed like crazy… this was awkward.
“Okay, guys! What’s going on?!” I said/yelled.
“Well… It’s… We are… kinda…” James started.
“Yeah… you are kinda…” Ben said, tired of all this
“We are dating” Darcy said. I yelled in joy! I hugged James and Darcy, who looked really shocked.
“You are angry at me or anything…?” Darcy asked
“Nope. Why would I be angry?” I asked confused
“I thought you would be… Oh… Whatever. But guys we have something to tell you…” Darcy started.
“Yep! What?” Ben asked. He looked at James and gave him the if-you-hurt-her-I’m-gonna-kick-your-ass-and-you’ll-never-have-child look. I smiled.
“It’s just… I’m… Oh, whatever!” Darcy said. She started to talk about other things. But not about her and James’ relationship.
Everybody was coming and said things like “Well congratulation to you two! I’m happy for you, but isn’t it to soon?” or “Oh, you are a really cute couple. But are you sure you made the good decision?” It was kinda getting on my nerves. YES! We are fucking sure about it! We lost Miley, can’t you guys just be nice with us and say your bad comments lather!? This is a thing about adults… always there to make you feel bad when you should feel like it’s the best day of your life! Thanks to you! (note the sarcasm)
We ate the cake, which was amazing.
I didn’t want to eat it first, cause it was way too beautiful! But Ben said it was not normal, so I did. I felt bad for the cake  Anyway, a while after, it was time for partying! YEAH! They were 4 really young child: Corri, Max, Jace and Vikki. They were going to bed, with a really pregnant Noemi. She was too tired to party.
But, Oh god! Never tought I would see my father like that a day! Drunk as hell, saying crape and running like 4 years old child everywhere. That made me thought about Miley, I was really sad, but it was my wedding day, I’ll cry in a month, when my honeymoon will be over. Harry and Louis were the worst. El and Sylvianne were laughing at their husbands acts. I was wearing a simple outfit, tiny dress with high heels. Ben was wearing the kinda pants I never thought I’d see him wear and a cute t-shirt.
The songs were mostly old songs –One direction ;)- like my favorites : Midnight memories, Story of my life and Diana. But when Half a heart came along I felt Ben’s arms around me. I felt good. We danced a slow and we kissed to whole song. It was the coolest day of my life… MY own wedding day.

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