Dancing Is My Escape

Brooklyn is a student at Julliard University For The Arts in New York City. She's 17 and is pretty much living the life of a normal everyday teen girl. When she signs up to be a background dancer, little does she realize that it's for the band One Direction. Can she cope with everything from dance practice to drama, to hate, to love?


2. Dance Practice, Again


Brooklyn's P.O.V


I was enjoying my nice sleep, until ... BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!  "UGH!" I screamed, reaching over to turn my alarm off. 7:00 am. I hurried out of bed and hopped into the shower. After I finished my shower, I went back into my room to find something to wear. I grabbed my jean short-shorts and a white v-neck. I slipped on my vans and grabbed my phone and dance bag and walked downstairs.

I saw that my brother Tyler was already dressed for school and sitting at the counter eating cereal. "Hey Ty!" I say, walking into the kitchen. "Morning" he replies and continues eating. "What's wrong with you?" I ask. Usually he's mocking me or something like that. "Nothing" he says, focusing on his cereal. "If you're sure" I grab an apple off the counter and make my way towards the front door. "Bye Ty" I yell. Nothing. 


****At the Studio****


"Good morning class. We will be working on our dance from yesterday, and we will finish it today" Mary says, looking at me. "The next part of the dance is pretty simple, it is a part taken out of your syllabus, but with our own unique twist" 


****3.5 hours later****


Everyone was all out of breath. But even though they don't show it, they are. "Good work, now we will be presenting this dance in front of each other now" Mary says. Wait.. what?? "First one up, Cece" Mary says looking at her. Cece did really well. She's an amazing dancer. I wonder if Mary gave her a flyer as well, surely she did. Didn't she? 

I didn't realize how much time I was wasting wondering who else got a flyer for the audition, until I heard my name being called. "Brooklyn!" "Yes ma'am?" "You're up" I turned and saw that everyone was waiting for me, I must have been the last person.

I got up and waiting for my cue. I hit every move perfectly, pointed my toes properly, and even managed to keep my balance while doing all my turns. Once the song ended, I heard clapping. "Excellent job Brooklyn, that was your best performance yet" Mary said to me. "Thank you so much, that means a lot" I say. "Good work girls, you are dismissed" 

Thank goodness that is over. I went back into the locker room and changed into my real clothes. I was on my way home, when I bumped into someone. "Oh, so sorry" I heard a deep British accent. I looked up and saw a very handsome boy with green eyes and curly brown hair. "No worries" I say. "I'm Brooklyn, Brooklyn Hart" "I'm Harry, Harry Styles" he looks very familiar. "You're from One Direction, that British/Irish Boy Band, am I correct?" I ask. "Yes, I am, You've heard of us?" he asks. "Yes, I love your band's music. Very talented" I say. "Thanks Love" he says. "No worries, well I gotta go. See you around" I say walking off. "Wait!" I turn around and see Harry jogging over to me. "Can I have your number?" he asked. "Sure" he hands me his phone and I hand him mine. "There you go" I say. "Thanks" he says. "Bye". And we both walk our separate ways.



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