Dream do come true!

An ordinary girl named Audrina... Had big dreams! Most at which are realistically impossible! One day she was with her friends... Dreams start to catch up with her! When she falls hard for a guy named Harry Styles who she has always dreamed of having! Her life adventure soon begins as her dreams come true!


7. Years Later!

I am now 39 years old and about to turn 40 with my great and loving husband Harry.This is going to be tone of the biggest days of my life!So today i got up at 6:30am to get the kids ready for school.(Liam-13,Kelsey-10,and Abigal-8).As soon as they were up i got the maid to make them lunches while i made breakfest for them.About 7:15 am Harry came down stairs and ate breakfest then,I told him i would be back in 30 minutes to go shopping and do anrens.

Then me and the kids got into the car and drove to school as soon as i dropped off Liam i was ready to go.I drove back home to Harry and picked him up he said he already got my cake and food and present picked out so i didn't have to worry about that.We drove to ikea and got some decorations and new appilances.

Then we drove home unpacked the car and i got into some swets and a t-shirt and snuggled on the couch with Harry under a blanket.After a while i woke up finding Harry trying to sneek out.I said "where do you think you're going?"He smiled and said "to go get Zayn and Chelsie from the airport!"I smiled then slowly sat up,then i got up fast remembering i still need to clean up.

I cleaned up and got changed.I got in the car to go get kelsey and abigal from school because it was almost 3:15 and since it was Friday and i still needed to clean up a bit i dicided to get Liam early from school!Then we drove home where Harry,Zayn,and Chelsie were waiting.I told the kids to clean their rooms and get ready.Finally we were done and were waiting for everyone to show up.

Later on people started flooding the house.Then Harry got the boys to sing a few songs and preformed .After that we had a wonderful cake.Now it was time for presents.I got everything i wanted like a new laptop,ipad4,flatscreen tv,and lots of cash/gift cards.Then later on Harry told me to come outside he had one more suprise everyone followed.And when i walked outside a brand new BMW suv was sitting in the drive-way with a big bow on it.I smiled then ran over to him where he picked me and kissed me.Then i pulled back and said "Thank you ,baby!"

Later on we said bye to everyone and sat around.Then about 11:45pm me and Harry were snuggled up on the couch when we hear little footsteps come down the stairs .I turned my head and saw my three beautiful children walking toward me.I sat up fast and said"What are you three still doing up."They said"We want to take a family ride in the new car!"I smiled and motioned them to come closer so i could hug them.I looked at Harry and ask him he nodded.So we all went for a drive and went around town as a family.Then we went back home and went to bed!

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