Dream do come true!

An ordinary girl named Audrina... Had big dreams! Most at which are realistically impossible! One day she was with her friends... Dreams start to catch up with her! When she falls hard for a guy named Harry Styles who she has always dreamed of having! Her life adventure soon begins as her dreams come true!


8. Wow getting old!

Wow I am now 45 and Harry is 46.Man it feels like yesterday I was falling in love with my dream crush at a soccer field.Now I am planning three birthday parties for my kids.

First we had Liam's birthday party which was going to be simple and nothing much considering he is turning 18.But I wanted it to be big because this was also a going away party.Because my little baby boy is going to college.I remember like it was just yesterday when I was teaching him to walk,now he is walking into a whole new world. For the party we had his family and friends over and we hired his favorite band.It was great and a few weeks later we helped himnpack up.I couldn't stop crying when he drove off.But Harry cheered me up and said"He'll be back one day ,but now he has to go live what we did!"I smiled and walked back inside.

2 months later he came home to visit and celibrate Kelsey's birthday at the beach house in florida.Because today Kelsey was turning 15.I looked at my kids standing next to each other and said to myself"Where did my three babies go.Anyways a few weeks later I took Kelsey to get her learners.She passed the test and that night Me,harry,kelsey,and abby facetimed liam.Liam congratulated her and told her"That's only the beginning of your long journey before you."I started to cry missing Liam because I remember the day his dad told him that when he got his licence.Liam said "mom please don't cry I will come home every weekend,break,hloiday,and birthday."We all smiled and said "Ok see ya soon for Abby's birthday!"

A month later we were getting ready for Abby's Birthday party at a lazer-tag studio.She always wanted her party here but we never let her til now.Because she was turning 13 I let her go shopping by herself at the mall with friends until the party was ready.Finally Harry arrived with Liam and when Kelsey walked in the party began.I took a lot of pictures then printed them out and put them in a memory book.She loved it but wanted one more picture of her,kelsey,and liam.I smiled and said "OK!"Man I miss the old days where I saw all my babies stayed home,drove toy cars,and loved shopping with mommy!But those days are over and it is time for them to grow up!

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