Dream do come true!

An ordinary girl named Audrina... Had big dreams! Most at which are realistically impossible! One day she was with her friends... Dreams start to catch up with her! When she falls hard for a guy named Harry Styles who she has always dreamed of having! Her life adventure soon begins as her dreams come true!


2. Kiss

The next day Harry came over to my apartment to eat lunch.After lunch we sat together on the couch and watched tv (Harry's arm around me and my head on his cheast )Harry asked me"Do you want to talk a walk?"And i said"Sure."

As we headed off to the local park,Harry and I stopped by a fancy place to eat dinner.The waiter walks by and Harry wonks at him and he walks away.A few minutes later he says the dance floor is ready Mr.Styles and he grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor.A slow song comes on and i realize it's Gotta Be You playing.Harry is whispering the lyrics in my ear and then he says "Audrina,you forgot something last night at my room."I said"What??"And he said :This."Then kisses me passionately.

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