My crush 💘

One day walking home from work I saw my biggest crush Niall Horan but I knew of course I had no chance but what happens when I completely change my image from that nerdy girl to hot and sexy?


1. chapter 1

It all started with a crush then ever thing changed......

Niall Horan was the schools hottie he was popular and I was a nerd he was hot and I had red hair to many freckles and wore Harry potter glasses. But even if we were polar opposites I still had a major crush on him. My name is Jenna Green and this is how my whole life changed for the better or so I thought. I WAS JUST TRYING TO HELP yelled my older sister Ashley .ASHLEY i yelled YOU COULD HAVE FUCKING BURNT THE HOUSE DOWN STUPID GODDAM BRAT! WOAH! My mother yelled what the hells going on in here looking at the fire extinguisher in my hand and the white stuff it had just sprayed all over are stove top. Ashley spoke first I was trying to cook dinner while you guys were out and it started burning and Jenna came in and hit me and put it out crying after she said it . No I didn't I protested but of course I got grounded and Ashley got away with it again like she always does . So I went to my room and listened to my iPod on my stereo you see my family's very rich so we have a huge house so I decided to sneer out and go to the mall and go shopping, BAD IDEA!

Authors note : I'm sorry for the cliff hanger but I had to hahaha

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