Don't judge me! (sequel to lollipop) 16+

"Don't judge me on my mistakes, judge me on how i make up for them"
2 years later Niall sees an unexpected guest. Will Niall trust that guest again, or try to forget about it...which makes things worse.


22. Louis and Harry.

Louise POV


I want Louis to be the perfect father. But most of the time he's stuck down Harry's throat. Wait for the eye roll...


I walked into louis' and Harry's room but at the wrong time.

"Um..i'll come back later"

Im still single because im uncomfortable around Liam and he got Sophia pregnant. I really want to tell Diana about the past, but I don't have the guts.


I knock on Diana's room, waiting for a reply, but all I heard was sobs, so I walked in.

"DiDi what's up?" I ask.

She explains everything and I got really mad. I walked out of the room and stormed to Zayn. I took the cigarette out of his hand and shouted.

"Well this jackass knows how to make stupid deals, don't they?"

He suddenly looks guilty.

"I didn't mean to upset her, so i didn't kiss her 'cos you would get mad and Louis"

I give him the 'are you serious look'

"1. I didn't want you to kiss her anyway and two, for gods sake Louis is probably cuming on Harry!"

I stormed back out of the room and comforted Diana.


Diana POV

He broke his promise. He didn't kiss me.

I snuck out by the window and ran to uncle Niall's house. I quickly knocked and figited.

"Hey Diana" it was Nate.

I waved and quickly entered the house and explained to her what happened.

"OMG that's terrible!"

"Seriously though Nate, I saved your ass, now make me a cup of tea" I teased.

Just then Niall came into the room.

"Hey cupcake(Diana) hi princess(Nate)"

He ran his hand through his obvious sex hair.

"Naughty Niall, you should fix your hair before talking to 16 year olds!" He belched his great laugh and sat down.

"Spill the beans" he whispered.

"Yeah of course she likes you" I whisper back.

When Nate came back into the room Niall went into the kitchen and kissed Nate on the cheek.

"You know that your face is bleeding right?" I tease, and she blushes even more. I drank my tea and spat it out.

" fuck, is this even tea?!?"

She laughs and catches her breath. I love life


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