Don't judge me! (sequel to lollipop) 16+

"Don't judge me on my mistakes, judge me on how i make up for them"
2 years later Niall sees an unexpected guest. Will Niall trust that guest again, or try to forget about it...which makes things worse.


5. I asked you a question

Louise POV 


I started to fiddle with my fingers because I really don't know how to answer it.

"Because you hurt me. So I decided to hurt you"

I was about to go away until he grabbed my hand and spun me around. 

"Niall what are you doing?"

He chuckled and turned on the radio.

We started to dance silly and pose and stuff. He turned into a right gangster then, he was really funny.

After that a slow song came on.

"Im too afraid to fall in love again"

He came closer so our skins touched another and whispered,

"Well you don't need to be afraid now"


Sorry I took ages to update I had stuff to do and I was thinking of what to write. Sorry it was a short chapter.

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