How It All Began

Lauren was just a normal girl who lived in a normal city. Then, one day her mom entered her into this website contest to get One Direction tickets in Los Angeles.
I know what you are thinking.
"UGH, really another one of these stories!" But I am asking if you could please read it and give me feedback? No one ever said she won them. No ever said she lost them.


11. That Card!

(A/N)- Heelllloooooo! Again, sorry I haven't updated in like another four days or something like that! Hopefully, this is another longish chapter, but I am working on the next one. Anyways, 30 favs, likes (whatever they're called) by the end of January? Yes, no, maybe so? Ok, so that's that, how about the next chapter...........

Chapter 11- That Card!

Niall's POV

Well, about forty-five minutes until the show starts. Am I nervous? Your asking Niall Horan if he is nervous?


Right now the lads and I are just chilling and doing random things. We are waiting for something completely and utterly random and exciting to happen because let's just just face it, we are completely and absolutely bored out of our minds. We have never been this bored before.

I wonder why?

We can't go talk to our fans and get to meet them because one, let's face the obvious reason, they're nuts.

All I have to say.

No offense, but it's true. I love them dearly though. Well, I should say most of them are normal, but there is always the ones who are tad bit crazier.

Like that one time when that girl jumped on the stage when we were doing a concert once.

Uh, well that's a different story.

Second, stupid management won't let us!

Sometimes I want to stay a little longer to make sure I autograph most of the fan's posters, magazines, CDs, or whatever they have, but the stupid management people won't let us. We can't even hug our fans. Only at the Meet and Greets.

It's totally not cool if you know what I mean.

"Hey, Lou," I hear Harry call out to Louis in the middle of the hallway, "pass it over hear."

Playing football in the middle of hallway is one way to not be so bored, I guess. (A/N- soccer? Whatever you want to call it. sorry from the US here)

Eh, why not?

"I bet you can't catch me," I yell, grabbing the football from Harry and sprinting down the long passageway.

Haha, this outta be fun.


Lauren's POV

I can't believe I am actually here. Physically, standing in front of the Staples Center, which is the arena they are preforming at.

Here, with my best friend with a big ass card.

We finally finished it! Yeaaahhhh, do you hear the sarcasm in my voice?

Once we were done getting through the blood, sweat, and tears, we actually finished it and might I say, I think we did a pretty good job. Don't worry, we didn't forget anything important such as the sparkles and glow sticks. That would be absolutely dreadful and if it didn't sparkle with glitter.


Anyways, we even made a huge envelope to put it in and addressed it. It's not really their actually address; it just says,

To:One Direction, Staples Center, Los Angeles

Yep, we are that amazing!

If they don't see it, we can get it to them some way, hopefully.

After being stopped multiple times by other people since they wanted to see our card, we eventually made it to the front of the arena.

"OMG, Lexie! I can't believe we are actually here!" I look over to see Lexie standing there in awe, staring up at the front of the building.

For the concert, we weren't sure to dress cute or fan girly? Well, let's face it, we are die-hard fans, so we decided to go a little bit in the middle. Not too decked out with merchandise, but not too fancy.

I am wearing my black skinny jeans with my One Direction shirt, but I, of course remembered to add the bling, so I put on one of my dangly,long sparkly necklaces I brought with me. I curled my hair or should I say, Lexie curled my hair making loose, spiral waves frame my face while it was wavy-ish in the back. Completing my outfit, I put on my black sandals.

Eh, why not?

Lexie on the other hand, wore leggings with a quarter length shirt that said, "Future Mrs. Malik."

I told her not to wear that shirt because if you were Zayn, what would you think if you saw that?

Maybe a little creeped out! Talk about AWKWARD! He probably won't even see it, but still, that shirt is only for the house purposes only! But of course, she doesn't want to listen to me.

Anyways, I straightened her long blond hair, which actually didn't take that long, and I made sure to do her makeup so it would make her bright blue eyes shine and "sparkle."

I think we did a pretty good job of cleaning ourselves up.

"Lauren," I hear Lexie question me, "what time is it?"

I pull out my phone and realize it's already 6:30. The concert starts in an hour.


"It's around 6:30," I reply, "Do you want to go eat dinner or get something before we go in?"

"Yeah, I think that would FAB-TAB-LOUIS!"

"Really? FAB-TAB-LOUIS?" I ask, not understanding her brain process.

"I don't know! I thought of it randomly!" She replied, shrugging her shoulders while searching around for a restaurant.

I started glancing around when I noticed a familiar name appear in my view.

"Oh, Lexie let's go to Wolfgang Pucks!"

"Wolfgang Pucks? Never been there, actually," I hear Lexie say, "sure, why not!"

We made our way over to the restaurant and put our name in since it would probably be a while. Talk about way too many people in one place.

Suddenly, I heard screaming. Me and Lexie's head both shot up, looking for where the source was coming from. The restaurant was really close by, so we could see The Staples Center pretty clearly. Many girls were pointing up toward the curtains on the windows at the front of the arena.

Suddenly, out of no where, I saw one of the boys walk out from behind it and wave. The screeching and screaming started up again.

Trust me, if I were that close, I probably would have jumped up on the roof and broken one of the windows and tackled whoever waved to the ground.

Except that's impossible, so we don't have anything to worry about.

For now

Lexie and I both turned are heads to each other, are eyes showing disbelief. After awhile, we finally bursted out laughing.

"I can't believe they actually did that to the people over there," I say in between my giggles.

"I know! Ahh, we actually saw them really close!"

Shortly after, we were called to be seated to order our dinner. Throughout the dinner, we kept glancing at our phones not wanting to be late, but some girls, a little older, reassured us it's fine. You don't have to be in the arena right at 7:30, which is when the concert starts.

There is still the opening act which they said will probably take forty-five minutes.

Ok, so we wouldn't be missing anything of we weren't there right at 7:30. I really never knew that about concerts. Is it bad to say this is my first actual concert?

After freshening ourselves up after dinner, we walked over to the arena, preparing to have the time of our lives. There actually wasn't a lot of people standing out where the line should be. Everyone probably wanted to be in there really early.

Finally, it was our turn to be checked by security before we went in.

"Excuse me, ma'am," I hear one of the security officers say, "May I see what's in that big envelope?"

"Oh, of course, sir," I reply, handing it over, "it's just a card we made for the boys."

"I see," he said, slightly shaking his head.

"Excuse me, is something wrong?" Lexie interrupts.

The security guard looked between us and the card before saying, "The Card will have to go unless you take the glow sticks off."

What! No problem unless we don't have to get rid of our card!

"May I ask why we can't have glow sticks?"

The security man replied, "Sorry we don't make the rules. Something about the poison inside of it. Sorry."

"Oh, sure," Lexie and I both walk over to the garbage can in the corner.

"Ugh, I can't believe we have to take the glow sticks off!" Lexie whisper complains, "Now it's not going to light up as well!"

"I have an idea," I say back, not preparing for what I am about to do, "what about we just walk down the hall now and go find our seats and act like we got rid of the glow sticks."

"Wait, are you saying we don't rip the glow sticks off and totally BREAK THE RULES!"

I slowly nod my head. This is really not a good idea, but I really REALLY want them to see this!

We worked hard on this!

"Yeah, Lex we are just going to walk away just like this," I say slowly walking away indicating for Lexie to follow my lead.

"You know we could get caught for this and get in serious trouble," Lexie replied.

"Oh, that's funny! I never thought I'd hear you say that!" I shockingly exclaim.

"You know what's even funnier, I never thought you would actually go through with this!" She retorted.

We slowly started walking toward the hallway which we thought are seats were. Then what I feared the most, one of the security guards started to walk toward us.

My heartbeat was starting to speed up and I naturally wanted to break out into a sprint, but I tried my hardest to stay cool. He is probably just going to walk around us? Right?

"Excuse me ladies, can you please follow me this way?" The security guard said directly to us and motioned us to follow him.

My heart sank. This is it. We came all the way here, did all this stuff, and we are just going to get kicked out of the building. This is all my fault!

I should have just got rid of those STUPID glow sticks! DAMN, ARE THEY GOING TO ARREST US? Or even worse, kick us out.


"Oh, um, Sir it's not what it looks like," I say, politely tapping him on the shoulder.

"What do you mean, it's not what is looks like?" He replied, "it looks EXACTLY what it looks like."

I sank back from the conversation, defeated. I literally think I am going to cry now and probably Lexie will join me. This can't happen.

We slowly kept walking, but I noticed our surroundings changing. Instead of the bright lit hallway we were just walking down moments ago, it was almost pitch black except for the barely visibility light bulbs ahead. Another security guard joined Lexie and I from behind which scared us even more.

Man, how serious is this and why do we need two security guards?

"This way," the guard motioned us into a similar dark room.

We followed his instructions and walked into the room.

"Sit down and I will be right back," the guard said, whispering something in the other guards ear.

The two guards left us and I immediately started crying. Bawling my eyes out, Lexie started to comfort me by letting me cry into her shoulder while she was probably on the verge of tears too.

Wow, look how strong I am. I'm getting us kicked out and bawling my eyes out like a little baby.

Just great

"Le-xie, Lex-ie," I say in between sobs, "I..I'm.. S-ooo sor-ry! I did....n't me-mean for th..this too hap..pen!"

"Shhh, it's ok," she said comforting me, "it's alright! Look on the bright side, we haven't got kicked out yet"

"Haha, yeah I guess! Still they probably will." I say feeling defeated and sad, trying to finish my tears.

After all that, I just let it slip from my fingertips and watch it go down the drain.


"Whatever happens next, Lauren, I just want you to know, this trip has been so much fun already! And don't worry we still have a lot more days left to do even more fun things! It's alright, everything will turn out good in the end. Hopefully," Lexie said, sort of brightening up my mood.

Soon I heard the door open, making us aware the guards just walked in.

Oh, great here we go

We didn't even bother looking up and meeting their eyes, knowing they are probably going to force us out any minute because of those glow sticks!


"Love, are you alright?"

Shizzzz, they probably see my tears.

"Oh, yeah I'm fine," I say wiping my tears away quickly.

Wait a minute. That's not the sound of the guards!

It's, its a British accent. Or should I say, multiple British accents!

Wait a minute

I shot my head up quickly realizing who just walked into the room. Lexie and I both looked at each other then around the room.

Five faces were staring back at us. Five British boys, also known as the band One Direction

Oh, lord help me, Not only is One Direction right before my eyes, they are going to be the ones to kick us out for trying to "poison" them.

Oh snap

(A/N)- sooooo, I left it at a cliffhanger sorta! Don't worry I am going to try my HARDEST to update really soon!

What do you think is going to happen next? Will Lauren and Lexie get kicked out and not be able to see the boys in concert?

Oh and actually when I did go to the concert I did make a card like that and the security people did make me take the glow sticks off but other than that I didn't actually meet them sadly! :(

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