How It All Began

Lauren was just a normal girl who lived in a normal city. Then, one day her mom entered her into this website contest to get One Direction tickets in Los Angeles.
I know what you are thinking.
"UGH, really another one of these stories!" But I am asking if you could please read it and give me feedback? No one ever said she won them. No ever said she lost them.


6. Our Adventure

Chapter 6-Our Adventure

Lauren's POV

"Bye, mom," I say to my mom while hugging her.

Then, I turned Lexie's mom and hugged her tight too, "bye Mrs.G."

Lexie and I gave our moms one more big group hug before picking up our carry-on bags.

"I am going to miss you two so much," my mom said.

"Don't worry Mom, you'll see us before you even know it," I exclaim.

"I know, but I just want you guys to be safe," she replied with her eyes tearing up.

I looked over at Lexie who had the biggest grin on her face. I don't think she has stopped smiling since I told her we are going to Los Angeles to see a One Direction concert.

Lexie looked over at our moms, then said, "I know it's not going to be a party without us anymore!"

We all giggled and then I added, "Yeah, the reason our family is so fun is because we are the oldest and the most FABULOUS!"

My mom gigged before muttering, "yeah, more like the youngest who has to get whatever she wants."

"Hey!" I exclaimed before playfully hitting her.

"Well, they are high maintenance!" Lexie's mom said.

Our moms both laughed while Lexie and I turned around and stuck out hands out.

"Talk to the hand!"

After our little "scene," they pulled us into one more big hug before letting us catch our flight. Six a.m. flights are not my thing, so no way in hell am I missing it.

Before entering into the terminal, we both looked back to see our moms waving. We waved back and then yelled, "BYE MOM, SEE YA IN A COUPLE OF DAYS!"

Lexie and I both looked at each other, grinning wide. Walking on to the plane, we put our bags in the over head compartment and sat down next to an older woman. She looked over at us and smiled before saying, "you two young ladies going to visit family in L.A.?"

Lexie replied while smiling, "Actually, we are going to a One Direction concert while exploring Los Angeles."

The lady smiled before saying, "One Direction? Aren't they that British boy band?"

I started to jump in my seat while shaking my head up and down.

"Haha, dear, I guess someone is excited," she said while laughing.

"Sorry, I am huge fan,"

"It's alright, I was and still am a huge fan of The Beatles."

Lexie's ears piped up as she listened to the woman talk.

"Those boy bands! I just love them," Lexie replied.

I laughed before saying, "This is Lexie and she likes to listen to The Beatles too, but, of course, we are obsessed with One Direction more."

"I agree! Those boy bands are something," the woman replied, "by the way, my name is Leslie."

"Nice to meet you Leslie," I answered, remembering my manners, "I'm Lauren and as you know this is Lexie."

We shook each other's hands and talked throughout the whole four hour trip. Apparently, Leslie got to meet The Beatles when she was younger at one of their concerts."

".......As I was walking over to my friends in our booth at the cafe, I looked up to see flashing lights. I was confused at first, but then I saw the four guys rush in. I didn't recognize them at first until the owner of the cafe locked the doors and told us we weren't allowed to leave until the crowd died down."

"OMG! What did you do after that?" Lexie exclaimed.

Leslie slightly giggled before continuing, "we got to meet them and get autographs. To this day, I still remember that night."

Lexie and I both looked at each other, shocked. That's so cool!

"What did you do after that," I questioned.

"I have came to realize that anything can happen in anyplace. I mean, who would have known to go to that place and coincidentally meet The Beatles. I sure as heck didn't know. I just happened to be there."

Happened to meet them? Her Idols? What if we....... LAUREN WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? We actually have a chance of meeting One Direction! Umm NO!! But it's so cool how Leslie did and still remembers to this day.

Our plane was slowly descending, so we told Leslie her story was so cool and was so much fun talking to her. She replied saying it was a pleasure to talk to us and she hoped we had a fun time in Los Angeles.

Since we were in the back of the plane, we had to wait 20 minutes for everybody to either be really slow and cause it to take forever or be really fast, but cause a lot of commotion. Seriously people! JUST WALK!

Lexie and I grabbed our bags and quickly walked off the plane. Since we already had our bags, we didn't need to go to "baggage claim."

The only reason we know what we were doing was because we both got a "crash course" from our parents, since they have been here many times. We walked outside to try to find a bus to take us to the car rental place but were soon amazed by the view. The sunny weather, the palm trees, the air, the ocean view beyond the horizon. The atmosphere of people.

Damn, this is a sight," Lexie stated, clearly shocked.

"I know right," I agreed.

I turned to Lexie before saying,"you ready for our adventure to begin."

She smiled, picking up her bags, then said, "you betcha!"

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