10 Lies

This is an entry to the Christmas competition.
Girl meets boy.
They fall in love.
Short Story.


2. Chapter 1

It all started on December 13th. 


I was running in the snow to my little donuts shop downtown. It is a very popular place and we had customers all day long. Today I was in a hurry because my car shut down and I needed to get to the shop as fast as possible. 

When I arrived at the shop, I saw a guy waiting at the door.

"I'm so sorry I will open the shop right now. What's your order?" I said as I fiddled with my keys. 

"It's okay I'm not in a hurry."

i glanced at him quickly as I opened the door but he was wearing sunglasses and I scarf around his face so I couldn't really identify who he was. When we got in, I hurried behind the counter and asked him what he wanted to order.

"Just a coffee please. Oh and that chocolate donut looks nice." he said as he unwrapped the scarf from his face. I was stunned for a second. He looked much younger than I thought. Somewhere around his mid twenties. Like me. He was also very hot. He looked back at me and smiled, as if to say: um, my coffee?

I quickly turned away and made his coffee. There weren't any other customers in the shop, so I decided to start a conversation with him. 

"So, you don't come a lot do you? What are you doing here at such an early hour anyway?" I asked. 

"No I just moved to town. I actually just came back from the airport and felt a bit hungry so I decided to come here." He smiled. 

"Oh cool. My name is Sarah. What about you?"

"My name is Eduardo."


And that was lie #1.

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