True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


5. War.


He approched us... I would say me. i stepped back and grabbed Carls's arm. He stopped his tracks seeing that I don't wanna him close.

"I knew it..." I gave him my confused look. He said it in a tone of madness.

"For what?" I replied in the same tone

"Justin. You're his propriety.. You're engaged with this dick?"

" shut up! You're the dick! And plus, yes Im engaged and Im happy!..." I was gonna said more but he cut me off

"... I was dump(he sighed) Im sorry"

"Fine. Bye!" We began me and carls walking faster but he grabbed my arm. I forced to left his hand off of mine but he was too strong.

"Leave her alone! " Carly screamed. He let go instanly. God Its been a long time seen Carls angry.

"Fine but I love her" we both rolled our eyes and carls mumbled in her teeths: "if you are in love with her, let her alone" and we passed him not giving a last look.

"Thanks sista" she kissed my cheek and said:

"Anytime sis" and we went back to the car.

After a couple of streets passed Carly stopped the car to her home.

"Lets go to the beach!" I nodded and we went to changed us. She passed me one of her millions bikinis and we packed all we need. Arrived there, we found our place and started to run to the beach. We were like two crazy kids girls in the water. Im not scared with her to be crazy and thats what one of the infinity reasons why I love her that much. We went back on our own chairs and talk.

"Soooo... When we buy THE dress?" I giggled

"I dont even know when we'll do this Carls" she rolled her eyes and replied: " no reasons valid." I nodded laughing.

"I HAVE A BIG EXTRA IDEA!" She screamed jumping on her chair.

"I ORGANISED A WEEKEND WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY... I dont tell you the place... AND WE BUY THE DRESS AND HAVING FUN THERE!... Without fiancé." That would be fun except for Justin.

"And Justin? You know..." She sighed and said:

" i know for him it would be sooo difficult but he had to !!!" I nodded and I picked up my phone. I checked and surprisely Justin called me and texted me. Haha

"Hey hun, are you coming? Xx"

"Baby, answer maaae! :("

"Missss yaaa! :( I worried where are youu?"

"I call carly now, she better answer!"

Suddendly, carly's ringtone rang in our ears. She picked up and she rolled her eyes. She talked a little saying Im busy and said that we are at the beach. After, we both laughed.

After a couple of minutes, I heard someone screaming my name. Carly and I turned our directions and we saw Chaz and Justin running to our direction.

" he can't leave you alone, doesn't he?"

I giggled and winked to Carls. Justin and Chaz were very close by now and Carls scoffed to Justin while he arrived picking me up from my chair: " CAN YOU HAVE ONE DAY WITHOUT MY FRIEND? SHE'S MINE TODAYY!" I screamed a little since he spinned me around,he stopped then grabbed my legs to let them around his torso,let my both hands around his neck he kissed me passionnately and finally replied to Carly: " never. " and he kissed my cheek. I blushed and he put me with him back on my chair.

"I will not surprise you but, you have to. She's going on a weekend without you!" I could flet his arms tensing up I giggled but him wasn't laughing at all.

"Justy, for the dress!" He calmed down. But said he would go with us just not for the dress.

"Chaz! Its been a long time!" Carls said giggling

"Yeah... Wanna walk?" She nodded happily and salute us.

"She's yours she said but she let you alone with me! I dont bother that" he kissed my cheek and giggled.

"We have to go babe ,papzs." I checked and thats true...they cant leave us alone! and then I saw... Harry again.


And when we stand up, harry punched Justin on the face.

" HEYY LET HIM ALONE!" I screamed crying.

"Bastard... She's mine." And Justin turned red really and... Replied by punching him.


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