True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


11. Perfect moment until...

"Lets go" he took my hand and without a chance to say bye to friends, we were already in the car. Some papzs were following us and it was kind of annoying... We just wanted to come back home! Whatever. Its the part of his job and I accept that, for him. However, we finally arrived to our house, he's went to my door and picked me up bridal style. He kicked the door of my place and he finally opened the front door without let me down of his grin. He let me sit on the chair's lobby and remove my heels of my feets and he does the same for his shoes then he picked me up again but this time I was holding on his neck and his torso, during him was holding on my ass. With my dress, it was kind of difficult but like everything, it was not a problem.

"You're so sexy..." He moaned during his kisses repeatetly... God I was in the moment right bad.

"Justin we should go to s.." He cut me off kissimg me and mumbled: "good...idea..." At our room, he put me on the bed and I saw his boned between his pants and boxer. He was in the mood, thats for sure. But he stayed like that , not moving, looking me in the eyes passionatly.

"Soon... Grrrr soon..." Then he left to the bathroom. I think he wants to wait for the honeymoon, it would be more special.however, I undress myself and went to the other bathroom. I took a quick shower,remove all the makeup that I have, brushed my teeths and I was really to find my pyj's to our room! But When I arrived, Justin was on his phone with only boxer on him. Maybe I was stairing to much or its just because I was only in a towel, he smirked licking his lips roughly. God thats so tough to wait!

"Like what you see babe?" I turned my eye's direction to the closet for my pyj and I quickly grab one of the millions that I have then put it in the bathroom. After, I jumped on the bed, and Justin was now waiting with his arms wide open. I cuddled with him, and after no talking just our breaths against eachothers, he finally spoke:

"Lets get married on the beach." He caressed my hair and it felt so great. Yeah, on the beach.Thats will be perfect.

"Morning sleepingbeauty, time to wake up!" He sang through my ear. His angelic voice makes me feel happy and I woke up instanly happily.

"Morning,appointments today?" He was already dressed and my clothes were waiting on the chair beside's me. He looked to my eyes, with joy on his face.

"Yeah, Im waiting for you downstairs... Or I can just...wait here with you..." His smirk appeared again on his lips making me giggled and pushed him off the room.

"Fine...kiss me" I kissed him quick but he didn't want just that kiss.

"Thats n..." But I closed the door making him stop talking. Laughing like heel hearing him unhappy, I changed to a cute outfit that Justin choose it. He knows what I like.

"You're sexylady princess" and after that, explosion by fireworks through all in my body with his kiss.

" hum..Thats what Im talking about,we better go" He took my hand then we went to our appointments.

"Chosen with you with no fighting! Thats my girl!" We both laugh kissimg eachothers after finishing all our choices of the menu, the cake, etc. We went for dinner and I could say, we were pretty tired but so happy at the same time! No papzs could chance anything of our moods. We eat to a chic place restaurant, already reserved for us. Everything was perfect and no one will be changing our love.

"Audrey wanna prepare our things for this weekend?"

"Yeah, sure" We both finished our preparations and we wanted to walk, at our place.

"Them lips won't let me goo" he sings aloud, caressing my hairs, me on his torso down on a blanket. Qe were watching the skys and it was amazing, alone together... I could stay here forever.

"Audrey...." I jumped up, scaring as hell. I know this voice.

"Stay here I'll looking around" He stands up and walked through the night, me standing here all alone.

"OHHHHHHH" I screamed but automatiquely, a pair of hand holded my lips to scream louder.

"Its me... Shut up" I turned around to see....

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