True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


15. London

"Broo wake up!!" Omg that dream.

"You're sweat Justin! Too much drunky?" He laughed his ass up. My head is pomped just don't want to know.I just couldn't stop thinking about my dream, her face....

"JUSTIN!" Yeah Lil's here, wake up Justin it's just a dream... I hope so.

"Im gonna take a shower"

"Im gonna shoot your shithead,💩tell me where she is!!! (...)" not of your buiness Bieber...kill me if you want kiddo,I...(...)"Death...babe don't close your eyes...I love you Justin(...)

She died."

All this was in my head...My shower couldn't change my mind, escape what I want to forget: her death. Jason. Jason has to trap them and kill them and... Stop. Did Lil or someone put some more shits in my drinks last night?

"Bieber" Jason.

I should be out for a long time... Audrey...

I dried myself as fast as I could then I was ready. I felt like Im not the same... Im a bad boy now.

"Bieber, I found Harry's can talk to him there...later I have something you have to do for me..." his blink smirked then he left me here with his smoked weed and standing alone by the door.......Audrey.....

"I don't know her..."

"Believe you...tell me!!!"

"You said to believe...liar your words to beliebers...something like that.."

"Piece of shit"

"jason.... It's now or I quit" he looked so pissed but I couldn't wait here when my girl is with this gayboyband!!

"You can't quit Bieber"

"Why not?" I asked

"If you want your girl, you have to backup me for one thing, or... jail is coming for us" he mumbled his last words

"Justin Bieber~ Bieberfever had a great time last night, with new clue for his wedding, she left him? Stay with us on TMZ."

Later the night~

"I found her"

"W-where?" I asked

"London. And there where I need ya"

London here we go bro.

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