True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


18. I love you so much *warning explicit*

‘Rio Mr. Laliberté’

"Uh nevermind sir, we'll go to Canada, thanks"

What? Canada? I know he has something in his mind. Surprise Like always... God I love him.

‘Babe, lets just sit on me here.’

I don’t want to move, I want his body close to me, I need his safety, his protection. He got me up with him, since the airplane is moving to fly like a bird. He has me on his, with his arms envelopping my body close to his. When the pilot said we could move, Justin instanly moves me to the side, letting my legs out and now I could facing him.

‘ Too long time I want to do this..’

He took my face by his hands delicately, slides them slowly down over my neck and moving like that up and down.

‘I missed you, this and... this’

he grabs my face to kiss me. Explosion everywhere around me. This. He begins to give me a cute passionate kiss, but it’s turned that his tongue licks my lips for an entrance, I let him. Exploring our passion desperatly. This is our moment. God I missed him, his kisses, his perfume, him.

Maybe we were like this since, an hour? Maybe more... But I want something, I want him. I really want him now. I stopped our tracks to change my position. Just to let him know... I’m on him.

Our respirations change, I just look in his eyes. He wants me too. I could feel it. We both want the same thing. I started to give couple of kisses on his face, just to let the tension down. We want eachother’s in one.

His hands are now on my hips, pushing me to let my face beside his face, he kissed my earlobe and mumbled : I have a bed at the back’ I just can’t contain my emotions... I’m excited like hell.

I start to lick his neck, slowly then more roughly, he let out a groan in my hair. He grabs me up envelopping my legs around him guided us to the bed.

Without forcing anything, he pushes the bedroom door, closes and pushes me down to the incredible king-size bed. He takes out his shoes and put our playlist on the little stereo. I couldn’t move my body with my excitation, like paralizing, but my eyes couldn’t escape his body. He then smirked at me, licked his lips. His hungry eyes meet mine and said in a hungry tone like I didn’t hear before : ‘Enjoy babe, I would be gentle’

He started to take out my shoes , then he starts massing my feets and... what is he doing? He is licking my toes! That kind of... exciting me. I feel all this sensation all in my body. Without stopping looking at me, he takes my right feet, doing the same thing... amazing.

‘ Someone is pretty excited yet... I like it’

He let go of my feet and went on me. I take his head to roughly kiss him, taking his perfect hair in my hands, feeling him so close to me it’s more perfect than everything I would want right now. Except sex, of course.

Carressing his hair slowly, he begins to go on my ear breathing on it. God I could feel his erection down there! ‘you make me feel like this babe ‘ I laughed. He smashes my earlobe with his teeths, I let out a groan.

‘We are going slowly... Say it’

Say what?

‘Say what?’ I asked

‘I love you Justin’

he keeps going down breathing on my neck...

‘I adore you Justin’

I could feel his smile on my neck during he is licking my neck to my sweet spot. I can’t control myself.

‘Jus..tin’ I moan

He is now going more down, to my boobs. With his teeths, he grabs my tank top and take it out from my body. I’m only in my bra and my jeans. He looked at me then my body :

‘Babe your body is the most beautiful treasure that I’ve seen in my life, Can I?’

I nodded smiling. He declips my bra reveling my boobs. He takes my boobs in his hands moving in cercles...I CAN’T CONTROL.

He began to move more quickly still has retained its position on me. He bends down and kisses first my left breast, pulling and I already feel my breast that grows to this contact, it's so good! It does the same thing with the other and did the same circular motion with his hand to my left.

‘they are so big babe!’

he is going always down to my jean’s limit. He looks at me and slids my jean down, revealing now my jee. He licked his lips again, exciting me more and more. He comes back to my face kissing me and I have now the time to slid his t-shirt up his head, revealing his abs and tattoos... I want to lick those...

He kisses me one more time then he went to my jee, slids down... I’m all nude.

‘You’re so beautiful babe ( He carressed with his back hand my up body)... I’m hungry"



I didn’t have the time to finish that Justin is between my legs.


He grabs my vagina then he puts one of his long finger in me. I scream aloud with his moving in and out.


‘Say my name...Scream it babe’

He chuckled

‘Omg Justin faster!’

I screamed

He is moving faster then stopped. What? ??


That is not fair! I can’t belie...


He is licking... my clito. THIS is more than amazing. He sucks it then continue with it... I’m in paradise, in heaven. He grabs my boobs also and I cannot contain my moan, my pleasure...

‘Justin! JUSTIN!’

he keeps doing this but faster...I see stars...

But he stopped.

‘Next time babee, your my drug god! you are so wet and tasty!’

‘Yeah next time.Now my turn bieber’

It is my turn to give him pleasure.

‘I love you so much’

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