True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


4. good time (part two)

"Baby you're amazing in this dress!" And it was true. She's amazing. Her dress fit perfectly to her perfect body and me... I found nothing. It's been 2 hours and we didn't find nothing for me.

"Thanks sweetie, I think we should eat and after... Im sure we gonna find your dress!" I hoped with all my heart.

DING! I picked up my phone to see that I've recieved a text. Justy Bear.

"Miss you babe.. Boringggg withouut yaa! :( xx find your dress lover?"

I replied instanly smiling to his words that he said.

"Miss u too justyyy :( xxxx and nope... Nothing"

I couldn't have the chance to put my phone in my pocket that I recieved back :

"You'll find, anyway any dresses would make you good baby xxx <3 ;) "

"Thx bb :)<3" I put my phone and began to eat my sandwitch from the bistro with Carls.

After talking, paps around the bistro and finishing our sandwitches, we went back to the big dresses store. I tried alot of dresses but nothing in those were perfect... Unless one. A purple long flawless dress. After that I put my dress, I felt for the first time since I've dressed dresses, I felt perfect in it.

" AUDREY FUCKING JOLY! THATS YOUR DRESS OKAY?! NOOOOO ARGUMENTS!" I quickly nodded then smiling like a little kid. After buying my dress and accessories, we went to starbucks and we walked a little in Sunset Blv.

"Im nominate tomorrow!"

"Carls, you'll win! im sure of that!"

We laughed, talking... The day with my Bffs... Was perfect.

"Hey Audrey"


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