True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


20. Friendship until the end

Audrey’s POV I woke up with the sound of Justin’s voice in my ear. ‘’ baby, it’s time to Wake uppppp!’’ I decided to let my eyes closed just to let him continue singing. His voice is so angelic! ‘’Audreyy I swear... I knowww you’re awakeee Wake up or... okay fine’’ I thought first that he’ll start tickling me, but I was wrong. He started breathing in my neck and let little kisses on it. I immediately open my eyes. ‘’ princesss! ‘’ He shouted stopping his tracks. ‘’ Justy... I’m tired’’ I mumbled ‘’ even if I’m doing this?’’ He started kissing my cheek to go up licking my earlobe. ‘’Yeah’’ I tried so hard not to let out a moan. ‘’ babe...’’ In his sexiest tone, he continued kissing right down on my neck. At first, he kissed it slowly but then, he began to lick it very roughly and I just couldn’t try to hide my excitement. ‘’Justin...’’ I moaned ‘’ babe.. gosh’’ I could felt his excitement too down my back. My body was now facing him, looking to his eyes. I wanted him so bad. I pressed my lips against his, to go right down to his neck. I quickly went up to his lips added my tongue exploring in his mouth as I ran my hands up to his shirt. I had the control , but not for a long time. Our tongues battled against each other, he pulled his shirt up over his head and throw it on the floor. ‘’ I want you babe...’’ He furiously sucked on my neck making me moan even more. By now, I could felt his hands down my shirt pulling it over my head also. He started to go right down kissing my collarbone while massaging my boobs gently. He went more down, kissing them licking them in cercles. I pulled off the covers revealing a better view of his boxer and his hard erection. I put my hand in his, making him moan very hard on my boobs. He then sitting on me, without stopping kissing my breaths. While he was travelling down to my pyj’s short, my ringtone ‘’Call Me Maybe’’ went by. ‘’Justin it’s Carls’’ I mumbled since it was hard to breathe. ‘’mnhh later’’ But Again and again she couldn’t stopped recalled me. Justin had alreally put over all .I was now nude, all. I decided to anwser it, stopping Justin and trying to control my breathe : ‘’Carls’’ ‘’ OMGGG AUDREY! WHY ARE YOU NOT AWNSERING!!’’ While she was screaming in my cellphone, Justin was eating me, enjoying knowing that I couldn’t contain all this with Carls on the phone. It was very very very hard to breathe. ‘’AUDREYYY! OH GOSH HAVE YOU HAVING SEX NOW? AUDREEEY! ‘’ ‘’Carls... I-I will call you... OH GOSH! Mhhhhh later! ‘’ ‘’AUDREY JOLY! DID YOU REMEMBER? I’M HEREE I CAME REMEMBER?’’ Suddendly, I remembered. Carly is here in Canada... She has surprises for us with planifications for the wedding that me and Justin didn’t do... since the accident with Harry. I put no volume for Carly to hear and pushed Justin off of me gently saying what I remembered. Justin understanding that it was about the wedding, he got up picking up my phone : ‘’AUDREY IF YOU ARE NOT ABOUT TO...’’ ‘’Hey Carly it’s Justin’’ He put my microphone on ‘’ Guys I’m here in 2 mins! So sexxx or no, you both have to wear clothes CHOW!’’ then she hung up. ‘’Shit’’ We both said in Unison. After finishing the more faster that we could, we heard a Knock from the door. Justin kissed me then said : ‘’ Am I okay?’’ looking down to his clothes. I responded by another kiss. ‘’You’re amazing’’ He kissed more passionately, but we heard another Knock.Justin let go and ran for opened it. Carly was standing looking angry over us but then her mood changed. ‘’ GUYSSS! Ohhh my gooshh I missed you Aud!’’ She jumped on me ignoring Justin. ‘’I missed you too’’ She let go then smiled at Justin. ‘’So guys, sorry for having interrupted something, BUT it is for your wedding! I know that Justin has a plan with the kids... ‘’ ‘’and she is coming with me’’ I chuckled and took his hand. ‘’ Yeah, I know! Justin all I want you to do is checking your sms okay? Okay lovebirds!!’’ She looked over my shoulder ’’ Yeah great your suitcases are really! It would be more easier !’’ ‘’Why?’’ I asked confused ‘’Hun it’s a surprise, true Justin?’’ ‘’yeah... Well thank you Carly but we need to meet my family now, do you wanna come?’’ ‘’YEAH LETS GO!’’ She ran outside our room and we both laughing at her attitude. I love her so much! ‘’ Babe... a kiss?’’ He asked with pitty eyes ‘’ Family first’’ I winked at him chuckling and ran also joining Carls in the lobby. ‘’Aud... You guys had sex?’’ She asked at me while Justin arrived with guards with our suitcases. ‘’Nope!’’ I blushed. ‘’come on guys’’ Justin took my hand’’ Papzs are here, lets go’’ We ran to his range rover car and Justin started the engine and drove to escape the papas. ‘’Babe wanna eat something? Carly?’’ ‘’MCDO ‘’ we sang in unisson. Justin laughed and put the radio station : All About That Bass came on. We sang along and with that moment, it looked like in my memories... Friendship until the end.

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