True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


17. finally found you

Justin's POV


‘’Babe? You’re okay? ‘’ I asked worried.

‘’I’m find…Now .’ I’m so happy to see her, to feel her beside me. I’m living again, complete.

‘’Did this piece of shit touch yo...’

‘No... I promise.’ She seems far away in her head, far away from me.

 ‘are you sure you’re okay my love? Sorry for driving fast, we need to go, now.’ Yeah Just escape.

‘Yes, and where?’  I could feel that she’s better.

‘London is no safe for now. We need a time to relax babe together.’ I said

I’m about to arrive to the airport and already, papz are waiting for us... god shakes live us alone fuck!

‘they can’t leave you alone baby’ Omg I missed her saying baby...

‘Remember,take my hand and everything would be alright’


I get out arrived to the entry, running with hat and glasses to my baby to open her door. Automaticly, a guard popped beside us to guide me and Audrey to my jet, and leaving the flashes and the screams from the papzs.

‘Sir, your jet’s here’  I just remember that we didn’t kiss already, but only her contact of her hand makes me happy. We escalade the escalator leaving a beautiful view of London.

‘Mr.,Mrs. Bieber, welcome aboard.’




We thanked the pilot and we both sat on the sofa, cuddled. I don’t know how, but I start crying all on her neck. She’s safe, she is with me.

‘I missed you babe... You’re safe’ It’s cannot be real, but I know I’m not dreaming.

‘don’t cry baby... I’m gonna cry!, I’m missed you more... I love you’


Hearing this it’s like heaven. With both stayed like this maybe like 10 minutes and finally, the pilot approches to us.



‘Where do you want to go sir?’ I just remember We’re in my jet.

‘Babe, choose’ I kissed her cheek.



‘Where we could be alone, I’m gonna be happy.’




‘Okay...’ I just have a great idea.





‘Rio Mr.Laliberté’ 

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