True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


10. Billboards

"we are in front, sit here beside's me sweetie!" Miley exclaimed when she took my arm guided me to my place. "She's sitting beside me too" Justin responded when also my other arm was grabbed by his hand. We sit and I cuddled a little with Justin talking and looking around me. Celebrities are everywhere in my vision! Beside Justin it's Carly on his left, then Ariana Grande with her boyfriend Nathan Sykes. Beside Miley's right we have Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars!!!!!!! Stop fangirling Audrey, stop! However, the lights showed up and its begins! Ryan Seacrest welcomed the fans to the Billboards and begins to tell the first category: Top artist. "the nominees are: Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, One direction...( thank god they are not near us..), Justin Bieber and Rihanna!" I looked Justin and he kissed my cheek. Ryan after looked the name, screamed: "JUSTIN BIEBER!" OMG my babe wins! Instanly he let go of my hand and jumped off of his chair and everybody was screaming! I stand up like all the people and he kissed me on the lips passionnatly before thanked the people passing him before he went on stage! Instanly, “all the matters” shut off and Justin begins his speech: “Omg guys this is amazing!!!” beliebers were screaming in the place. “ Hum I want to thanks my family and friends, my all team guys props to you, love you!! Of course to you beliebers, your support means so much to me thanks guys!” Feeling that he had finished, the music went on but he put his hands in the air, motioning that he had not finished. “Wait up, I have to thank her before:” He pointed to my direction “ I should thanks Carly for giving me a chance to have my bff’s back. Audrey,You’re my bestfriend and I’m so damn lucky to have a girl like you in my life… Thanks to be here with me tonight beautiful, you’re mine and its for forever and always! you” I sent him a kiss from afar and the music started up again and sent the announcement. The fans still cried and Miley took our arms for cross talking with Taylor while I was talking to Carls I was so happy for Justin and his speech. Some time later, Justin came back and gave me a real kiss. I let go since the screams for the fans, they are really amazing! “Don’t feel nervous, they like you princess!” I blushed even more when the photographers wanted to take some pics. Not even letting go of her arms he put his hand on my thigh and kissed my cheek again. Flashes were everywhere. Again, the show started and Miley and Carls won! I was so happy for them! Finally after Justin winning 5 awards and everybody was on the mood’s party, We all went to the after party. Justin let his hand in mine and we both sat at the bar when the girls and the others went to the dancefloor. “What do you want to drink love?” He whispered in my ear, yeah we could understand eachothers by our place. “ A cosmopolitain baby please” he winked at me and ordered to the barman with his drink too. By minutes, we had our drinks and we both drinking not too fast. “I’m happy for you Justin! You deserve it” I kissed him quickly on his so kissable lips but he said: “Thanks babe, wanted to go? Ya know we have a big weekend…” He licked his lips… Yeah I know what he wants, Lets play a little… ;) I approached to his ear, licked it then I bite it and say with the best sexy tone that I could to I whispered : “ Yeah Bieber… big weekend…” I gave him shivers.
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