True Love

True love -Justin Bieber.


14. A New Life.

"Jason, I swear bro..." he passed me the joint, I needed it so much...

"And after? Thats for this girl?" Girl? THATS MY FIANCÉ ASSHOLE.... Keep down or he'll not help you Justin beat the head's up of this shit of Harry.... Keep just your mouth shut.

"Yeah,her and I need her so will you help me?"

"Yeah,chill bro"

Good. But I have to finish my joint first. My mind is just... About kill.

For her... I'll do anything.

" ya know where she is? " he asked

"Harry... Piece of shit" I mumbled between my teeths

"Oh well ya bro... Let me do my job, Do yours..."

"Means what Jason?"

"Be part of my gang bro...just fun stuffs... Lil Za will guide ya, I'll find her place... Mmokay?"

Fun stuffs...I'll do everything for her.

"Yeah bro..." After our boy's code and stupid shit, I went home: stoned and I just wanted to drink all day long...

I walked alone... In this darkest house, not with her... My baby...

Thats when I received a call, Jason.

"Biebz... Join us to party!" I hung off. Yeah thats what I need. Great friend.

"Hey kiddo Im Lil bro, prove me that you're a man" What!!? Did he just called me Kiddo? Wtf? Yeah bitch Im a man damn fuck! Omg Stop Justin language... Fuck that.

"Mmh... How?" I asked looked like I didn't care... Why do I have to do this... I could kill Harry by my own hands! Well, no. Jason is the plan. And my backup only. Audrey... Im a man and I'll find you I promise....

"Pee in this" oh what... In this bucket? He's kidding me or what?

Well I have to pee anyway so...

"Good stuff Lil, ya are good friend, chill" Wild. Thats my feeling now.

"Best friend broooo" I think that I'll love my new life.

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