Saved and forgotten

Stacy and Tiffany try and bully Amy Bedsul to death. they hope maybe she will hang herself. Liam Payne the new kid might save her. what happens when Tiffany tricks him. Will she be forgotten for good? Or will Liam come back for her? to find out click "READ"


1. Ow my everything

                                                   -Amy's POV-

"YOU LITTLE BITCH! WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT CALLING THE COPS? NOW THEY ARE DEAD AND IT'S ALL YOU FAULT", my father yelled at me whilst beating me. He had just killed all the cops I had called to save me. He yelled some more and threw my down the stairs where he had placed a large mirror for me to hit. now I'm bleeding every were picking glass out of my body. "NOW GET YOUR STUPID MOTHER FUCKING ASSTO SCHOOL, NOW!!" I stormed out and made my way to school. "Hey there little bitch. why is your face bleeding? Self harm, huh?" Stacy my bully said do loud other kids laughed at me. I brushed it off and fought my tears, I just slowly walked to class. I hobbled over to my seat to find a new kid sitting there. He was cute, brown eyes short light brown hair styled in a quaff and an adorable smile. "OH, I'm sorry. Is this your seat?" he politely asked. "Ye-" "Nope you can sit there." answered Stacy for me. New kid looked and me and saw I was going to say yes so he picked up his stuff and sat at the desk next to mine. "My name is Liam by the way." "I wouldn't talk to me unless you wanted to get bullied!" I told him. He slipped me a note that read 'I don't care'.


*Already in lunch*

 I sat at my usual table way in the back by the garbage cans. Liam came and  sat next to me. I tried shooing him away but he wouldn't have any of that. We started a conversation and then.....

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