Story of my life

I guess youll just have to read to find out :)


2. Nandos

Avas POV

I guess I was a lucky girl Tay was the girlfriend of Niall Horan and I was really good friends with One Direction. Me and Tay were meeting Niall and Harry. Me and Harry weren't that good of friends but we talked to eachother.

Niall POV

As we were walking to Nandos , I could tell that Harry was nervous, why is he nervous, he never gets nervous?

Harry POV

Well I am really nervous I really like Ava, but I don't think that she likes me back. Oh well

Noones POV

Niall and harry arrived and took a seat and Nandos when the phone rang on Avas.

Harrys POV

ALl of the sudden Ava started to bawl her eyes out. What happened to my baby? Wait why I am I calling her that? Ava ran out of Nandos...

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