Story of my life

I guess youll just have to read to find out :)


3. Ava


Ill be there right away I screamed into the phone. I rushed to the car trying to keep my tears in I went to the hospital. Jess died in a car accident and her daughter Hailey who was 2 was in the hospital bed.

I couldn't bare to see my little niece with cuts and bruises all over her, I felt so bad for her. I sat next to her, when I got a call from Harry.

Harrys POV

I had to call Ava, I had to know what happened and why she was crying. RING RING RING

Hello I said through the phone

HI she said.

By that I knew that AVa had been crying for a while now.

What happened?

She explained everything to me and I started to drive there, I felt so bad for her.


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