I've been waiting for you

Quinn was a 16 year old girl who went to X-factor in 2010, sing was the best thing in her life, but she knew she would not win or even come halfway in the race, but it was still something that she really wanted to do. But in the line to the competition, she met the boy with curly hair and cheeky smile...


1. The first meeting

Quinn's P.O.V

Finally the day had come , the day I 've been waiting for all my life. I knew I would not get far , but it was a chance to show what I can do. X-factor , the TV show where stars are born . All my life I've loved to sing, and now it's almost time ...

But the day did not start as wonderful as planned, I stood in a long and narrow queuing to get in, and how long I would be where I preferred not to know. But nothing would get me in a bad mood today!

I played a bit on my phone , trying to ignore all the noise and jostling around me. Suddenly I hear someone say hello, but I could'nt be sure that it was me they were talking to in all the surrounding noise. I looked up , and sure enough, there was a boy with curly hair and a cheeky smile. I did'nt understand why he decided to talk to just me , but maybe he had come alone just like me, and were bored .

" Hi, " I awnsered a little confused.
After a few seconds of awkward silence , we look both at each other and started to giggle .
" I just wanted to talk to someone, I'm bored , I hope not disturbed or something .. " He replies quietly with the smile still on his face.
" No, that's ok, I'm too bored ... "

I understod that it all were just awkward and decided to start talking about normal things in this situation, but what?

While I stand quiet, thinking of what to say, he put out his hand, with still big smile on his face and says "my name is Harry Styles."
I can't help it, I start smile too, he's so cute! I hold out your hand and put it in his to greet. As soon as I touch it, I get a weird tingly feeling in my body. "Quinn Evans" In awnsered quickly.

We started talking about the contest, music, ourselves ... everything! He was one of the most wonderful people I've met! I had forgotten everything around, the time flew away and I had not felt so happy in a long time...


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