Depression diaries

The depression diary
The words of a broken girl.
She speak her heart soul and emotion through he power of words even though words where the things that broke her combined with physical hurt.
50% true x :(


4. Lucky girl

The scars that mark my arms and legs grow long and red. But I'm a lucky girl I didn't go deep, just line against skin. They start to fade. Only tiny red lines in only a few places. But that's only my arm. My leg, oh my leg. How I regret. The lines and the pain. I few the blade out the window, landing in the gutter below. ,y parents will never know! I can only where trousers I case they show. Haha lucky girl. I told three people, three people who know. One couldn't handle one helped and e other afraid. Lucky girl. I hope I'm not scared forever. It's easier now, less things to hide. Got to be careful in pe how no one sees. Oh lucky girl. The scars that mark your knees. Lucky there already fading 

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