The Wrong School

One girl has a very wild dream... But who says it won't come true??


5. Hogwarts

The rest of the journey pretty much carried on like that. Hermione told me that a witch called Nymphadora Tonks had come to get both of us, but due to an explosion, she only had time to get Hermione, and a police officer got me and took me to an orphanage.

Now we were reunited, it was very akward and neither of them could think of any conversation, so they silently changed into their school robes, and soon they were there.

The castle loomed proudly over the Black Lake, across which they sailed. Once they got into the castle, an old witch called Professor McGonagal, led them into a magnificent hall, where they were to be sorted.

When the hat had finished it's song, McGonagal started calling people up to be sorted.

" Neville Longbottom."

" Griffindor!"

Neville tripped on his way to the Griffindor table, and everyone laghed.

Next came;

"Hermione Granger."


I was now hoping on my life that I would be put in Griffindor.

"CoCo Granger."

Me. I was terrified. I slowly went to sit on the stool, and I was extremely Grateful when the hat called out; "Griffindor!" and the sorting slowly continued.

This was officially the best day of my life.


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