My 2 Irish Children

So Hannah Black is 20 years old living with her ... Yep you guessed it 2 Irish kids. She also lives with her brown headed friend Haley and Haley's boyfriend Liam Payne. All of a sudden Liam decides to his ya reunion to show Niall his kids. But what will Niall do? Leave Hannah? Stay with her? Find out in "My 2 Irish Children."


5. Chapter 4

My 2 Irish Children part 4
Niall POV 
As I was walking to Liam's all I could think about was Hannah. How she was a crazy, hungry mofo like me. She understood me. And when she said she was going back to America my heart literally tore in two. Next thing I know I'm at Liam's. I knock on the door and Hannah answers it. 

Hannah's POV 
I open the door to find my favourite Irish leprechaun. I don't say a word and I just hug him. I I hap his after-shave smell with a hint of mint. And it doesn't take long for him to hug back. I let go and say " Remember me?". 
" Course." He says back. " Well I see everyone got here." Liam says walking in. " yea we're all here." I say. " well let's catch up Boo." Zayn says. " Well let's see.." I start. Kids wait can't say that. " I started volleyball again. " I say.  A course of cool's came about. " I lost about 20 pounds. Ummm...." I say. " spit it out Hannah!" Harry says. " well that's pretty much it." I say. " Well your interesting." Allyson scoffs. I slap her off and start eating. And then the drinking began and everyone except McKenzie,Perrie, and Liam ended up drunk. The next morning I wake with a huge hangover. And I have to get Ava and Lil Liam today. " Crap." I mutter out and earn a chorus of groans. Liam comes throws me over his shoulder and sits me on my bed. " What are we going to do about Ava and lil Liam. "  he says sternly. " ow Liam stop screaming. " I say.   
" ok I'll get some aspirin and you we will talk about this later." He whispers.  
———————5 hours later—
Hannah POV 
I wake up and it's about 7 and I go shower and put sweats and my college football (American) t–shirt. I throw my hair in some what of a bun and walk to the kitchen. I open the fridge and pull out sweet tea ( a southern treat.) and pour myself a cup. I then go and find Liam in his room in a snogging session with Haley. I say " I'm gonna be an butthole and interrupt you." 
" Thanks for the heads up." Haley says walking out of the room.  I walk into Liam's & Haley's room and sit on the bed. " So I'm still not ready to tell him yet." I explain. " I mean I can't just go up to him and say ' hey babe you have three month old twins' can I?" I tell Liam. " no your right you can't but give it a week. Then tell him then after you two have caught up a bit." He explains. " ok that sounds good." I say. Man I feel stupid. 
" Your not stupid." Liam says as if reading my mind. " ok mind reader!! Geez." I say  Maybe I need to call him. 

Anonymous POV
I need to get rid of her. She is a threat to mine and Niall's future relationship. My dad might have an extra gun laying around. Or some rope. Maybe poison. Possibly an axe. A candlestick? I don't know but me and my friend will figure it out. I can't let this happen. She may have his 2 kids , but I'll have his heart. 
------------NEXT DAY----------
Karen's POV 
Where is Hannah and Liam. They need to come and get Ava and Lil Liam. I mean I can't take care all week. Shoot I'll just drive over there myself. 

Hannah's POV 
I decided to call Niall. Convo between them 
H- Hey
N- hey Hannah 
H- what are you doing
N- nothing why?
H- I was wondering if you wanted to come over
N-yea sure be over in a few
H- cool see you then bye
N- bye
I hang up and go to my room.
 I brush my teeth and wash my face. I look down at my wrist and wonder if I should wear long sleeves to cover the fresh and old scars. You know what screw it. I throw on some sweat pants, and my college American football sweatshirt. I slide on my fuzzy socks and went to the kitchen. As soon as I got there, there was a knock in the door.   

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