My 2 Irish Children

So Hannah Black is 20 years old living with her ... Yep you guessed it 2 Irish kids. She also lives with her brown headed friend Haley and Haley's boyfriend Liam Payne. All of a sudden Liam decides to his ya reunion to show Niall his kids. But what will Niall do? Leave Hannah? Stay with her? Find out in "My 2 Irish Children."


4. Chapter 3

My 2 Irish children part 3
When I woke Liam was carrying me back into the flat. I poked him and he put me down. " it's 6:45 so we got back just in time.", He says. We entered our flat and it looked a little bare , but I can't risk Niall seeing Ava or Lil Liam. I go to the kitchen and get  5 big bowls out. I pour in crisps, pretzels, carrots, m&ms, and gummy bears.  I then get a bunch of  ice from the freezer and put it in a cooler I the put in beer, soda, sweet tea, and water. I clear off the coffee table and set down the bowls. I then drag the cooler into the living room beside the coffee table. " Dang Ham you didn't have to do this." Haley says using my old nickname.  " well you know how hungry I get so." I say. I hear a knock on the door and go to answer it. I look though the peep hole and its Harry and McKenzie. I go and get Liam from his room. He is doing God knows what. " Lee Harry is here." I say calmly with a hint nervousness. " ok answer it." He says. I walk back to the living room and Haley was sitting there on twitter. I walk back to the door and open it. Kenzie comes in and Harry stands there in shock. I then pull him into a 'Hannah hug'.  " Hannah oh my gosh your here your back I've missed you so much!" He rambles.  "Haz the truth is I didn't go anywhere. I stayed right here with Liam and Haley. Kenzie knew too." I say calmly. "Kenzie you knew?" He says. " Yeah!" She sighs. 

Harry's POV
I can't believe she's been here this whole time. Wow. I am amazed. When the other guys will be happy. I'm gonna get Kenzie for this. 

Hannah's POV
Well minutes later there's another knock on the door. I looked though the peep hole to see Zayn and Perrie. I had kept on touch with Perrie , but she had to promise no to tell a soul where I was. But she didn't know about Lil Liam and Ava.  I greeted Perrie and she went and sat down. I then turned to an open - mouthed Zayn. " bro close your mouth you'll catch flies." I tease and close his mouth. " Boo your back!!" He said. " never left." I replied. 2 nicknames in one night damn. About 2 seconds later Allyson and Louis show up.  " Hey Allybug." I said as she walked in the door. "Hi" she said.  "Hey    Boobear. " I say. " Hamm? Holy crap you came back. " he goes on. " Hun I never left." I say. He comes and hugs me to  death. He then go and gets a beer. Seconds later another knock is at the door. I open it to find....

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