My 2 Irish Children

So Hannah Black is 20 years old living with her ... Yep you guessed it 2 Irish kids. She also lives with her brown headed friend Haley and Haley's boyfriend Liam Payne. All of a sudden Liam decides to his ya reunion to show Niall his kids. But what will Niall do? Leave Hannah? Stay with her? Find out in "My 2 Irish Children."


3. Chapter 2

My 2 Irish Children chapter 2 
Hannah's POV
I just fished straightening my hair when Liam walked in. I had on my knitted black, grey, and white  skull baggy tank top and studded short shorts and my black supras. I chuck on my hoodie and purple beanie. " You ready?" He asks. " yeah." I say and grab Liam and Ava's diaper bag. I pick up Ava and grab my keys. Liam picks up Liam ( haha) and we walk to the lift. I push the down button and get in. " My car or yours?" Liam asks " mine" I reply. Mine had their car seats . I got out my keys and unlocked the car. I set them in their car seats and buckle them in. I hand Liam the car keys and get in the passenger seat. He starts the car and we are off to Wolverhampton  " soo... " I said  " the guys are coming at 7. So we should be back by then." He says " cool" I say. I looked at Li. He looked worried. " Li what's bothering you? " I ask rubbing his back. " I'm just afraid that Niall will be pissed off at me because I've lived with you for the past 2 years and told him you moved back to the US, took care of his children that  he didn't know he had and I haven't told him a dang thing!!" He says raising his voice. " Liam calm down! It's not your fault. It was my choice not to tell him. I wasn't going to tell you or any of the boys but I told you. I told you because I needed male support and I thought Niall would flip out. And your my best guy friend. I was their when your grandma died, so your here for me because of my kids. If he's mad at you then you can blame me." I say. "Ok." He said. It was about ten minutes when Liam said," we're here." Start turning off the ignition and getting out. I get out and get Ava and give Lil Liam to Liam. I grab their overnight bags and locked the car. 
I walked behind Liam to the front of the house. He knocks on the door 
and Karen answers it. " oh hello guys come on in!" She says. I hand her Liam and Ava.
" sorry mum but we're on a schedule. We can't stay." Liam says and I say " thank you Karen for watching them." I say. " no problem doll. I know what's going on." She says. " bye mum I love you." Liam says. " I love you to son." She says back. We get back in the car and drive off. I text Haley and make sure ALL the pictures of Lil Liam and Ava are hidden. She texts me back and says that she hid them in my underwear drawer. Next thing I know I'm in a deep sleep. 


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