My 2 Irish Children

So Hannah Black is 20 years old living with her ... Yep you guessed it 2 Irish kids. She also lives with her brown headed friend Haley and Haley's boyfriend Liam Payne. All of a sudden Liam decides to his ya reunion to show Niall his kids. But what will Niall do? Leave Hannah? Stay with her? Find out in "My 2 Irish Children."


2. Chapter 1 : Suprise

My 2 Irish Children 

Hannah POV
I wake to sound of my crying  3 month olds.  Yes I have two. Twins Ava Marie Horan and Liam Anthony Horan. I lazily get up and check on them. I pick Ava and Liam and sit down in the rocking chair and rock them back to sleep. I put them back in their cot and went to bed.
---- the next morning--------------
This time I wake to my friend Haley. " Get up Hannah!" Oh yeah I forgot! I'm 20 year old Hannah Black and my children's father is Niall from One Direction. It was one stupid      Harry and Liam moved in with me and Haley.  Him and  Haley are so much help. Now back to the present. I pick my children and walked  into the kitchen. I pulled out pancake mix and heated the stove. I started to pour the batter on the pan when I hear Haley feeding the kids. 
" Hey mate!" I call. She turns her head in my direction. " what did you do last night? My angels were crying and i heard screaming."  I say knowing what happened. " um…" she started.   But I knew what really went on.   " Why don't you  guys wake uncle Liam  up. " Haley said with a devious grin. If we send the kids he won't yell or get mad.  " so Haley what really happened?" I ask after we put the kids on Liam's bed. " we had sex." She said knowing that I already knew the answer.   Liam then turned the corner and was carrying Ava and Lil Liam." so how'd you sleep?" I said winking. " good until these two silly babies  woke me up!" He said. " here you go guys! Fresh strawberry pancakes!" I say setting the plates down. " And Liam hurry up you have work at 10' o clock. " Haley says. " ok.  But your my girlfriend not my mum!" Liam says to Haley. " Sorry babe I'm momma direction it's what i do." Haley says shrugging. " yea if it weren't for her we'd be in jail by now." I say.  " Hannah don't forget about to night with the boys." Liam adds. I spit out my food and fall out of my chair onto the floor. 
" Oh Hannah are you alright?" Haley asks. ( I never spit out food. Ok once I did but vegimite tastes disgusting!)  " Yep just shocked."  I say. " Liam can I speak to you for a minute." I ask. " yea sure" he replies. " what heck were you thinking!!" I say " we'll I was thinking that Niall misses you since you broke it off with him almost a year  ago." He defends.  " Lee you know why. I had to do it." I say. " No you didn't. He wouldn't care about one direction he'd care about you." He says. " I guess you're right. But I'm not telling him to night. I'll take them to... Uhhh." I say unsure where I can take them. " I can call my mum. Her house is only a 45 minute drive from here." He says. " would she do it? I mean what if she can't?" I ramble. " Hannah calm down I know she'll do it." He reassures me. Then he leaves for the studio.

Liam's POV
 I just back from the studio and I decided to my mum and the boys. 
- convo with Karen- 
K- hey Liam
L- hey mum can you do me a favour 
K- sure 
L - can you watch Ava and Liam for a little while tonight
K- yea sure I love them
L- thanks mum I love you
K- I love you too
K-bye son
-end of convo- 
Now that that's taken care of I need to call the boys. 
-convo with Zayn-
Z-hey mate.            
L-hey Zayn
Z- so what do you want 
L-can come over to mine tonight at 7
Z- yeah sure
L- thanks see you then 
Z- k bye

- convo with Louis-
Lt- hey mate what goes on 
Lp-nothing you
Lt-I'm good
Lp-hey can you come to mine at 7?
Lt-yeah sure
- convo with Harry- 
H- hello
L-hey Harry
H- so what do you want
L-can you come  to mine at 7
H- yea sure 
L-thanks mate
H-no problem

- convo with Niall-
L-well hey to you too
N- sorry but I'm still upset over her 
L-Ni that's what I called about 
N-did you find her!
L-no but come over mine at 7 

I think that went pretty well.  It's 5:45 now so I jump in the shower. I get out if the shower put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I pull on my hoodie and walk out of my room to get Hannah. Ava and Liam are sitting in their car seats sleeping. Ava wearing a onesie I got her. It said
'my dad says I can't date till I'm 30' but I changed to ' my uncle says I can't date till I'm 30' I thought it was cute. And Liam was wearing his buzz lighter year onesie  I got him. I go and get Hannah from her room. 

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