It's My Job

Nina is a 21 year old girl who has an ab-normal job—
Stunt GirlFriend For Celebs

But this time, it isn't just a act to protect celebs gf's

Not after Nina and Harry meet

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1. Discussion

Nina's P.O.V

“So are you sure the fans wont be suspicious or anything Nina?”

asked Harry

Yes, I mean Harry Styles. We're at Starbucks talking to see if he would hire me for this job.

Sorry, forgot to introduce myself!

My name is Nina Michelle Dobrev. Im 21 yrs old from WestMinister/Buckinghamshire [my home towns :P]. I have a baby sister named Kat who is 10, and a step-sister named Candice Accola who is turning 14 in two weeks. I dont like to talk about my parents so puhlease donut ask [lol donut @zaynsicle]. Back to me and harry, I was told from my agent that HARRY STYLES wanted me to fake as his girlfriend for fans and paparazzi and stuff to protect his real girlfriend Victoria Justine until they want to go public and victoria is okay with everything.

“Im sure Harry. Swear on the 6 years I have been doing this job” I told him

I had a job as Justin [bieber]'s girlfriend to protect Selena, but in the end Selena got jealous and told Justin to fire me and they went public. Got a couple hundred bucks for that one.

“I trust you Ms Dobrev, you're cousin Paul is a very close friend of mine!” he said. I smiled

“Won't let you down Mr Styles” I giggled and he chuckled. Dimples popped and I almost dropped dead

“Great then. What's your address? I'll send a limo over tomorrow to pick you up and we can start. You can meet the boys and Victoria aswell” he smiled and winked at me

“Sure.” I gave him my address and phone no. just incase

“Cya tomorrow!” We said our goodbye's and headed out.

A/N: hey guys! Its @thevampirediaries here! Selena. I hope you guys enjoyed the first part! Will be updating soon! Cant believe I got 17 reads! I thought I was only gonna get like 0. Thanks guys! ily all. AND FAN ME PLZZ.

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