Talking To The Moon *Sequel to Counting Stars*

**SEQUEL TO Counting Stars** Lela and Ashton finally ran away together. They have a place of their own. The air is thick though. She knows she ran away from some issues but running doesn't make them go away. To add to the thoughts, an important questions runs into her, someone comes to their life that Ashton is unsure of, and Lela finds out something that could change the whole course of their lives.


5. Dear...

Dear Mom,

Something has happened, I don't know how to tell anyone. If you have been watching over me, as Ashton says you are, then you might know what has been going on. I ran away with Ashton, he took me to my dream place. Then he proposed. I was hesitant. I still am hesitant about everything. Anyway, you may also know, that I have been talking to Emily. (Ashton's sister.) I told her what has happened. She didn't say much. She wants me to come into town and visit her. She claims she misses me. I figured that's going to be a good time to make up for some lost time with you and Dad. I decided to write these notes. I will see you guys more often, I promise. I love and miss you guys.

Love, Lela.


Dear Dad,

I am much more emotional when writing to you. I know it sounds mean for mom, but its the truth. There isn't a single day that goes by that I didn't wish I was with you. Yes, Me with You. Death is much more peaceful than life, and I wouldn't bring you back to this living hell. I wish I could see you and mom. I wish I could fit in one good, tight hug for the each of you. I miss your face and your voice, and you know as well as I do I never got to hear her voice. I told her I am going to visit you guys more often. I love and miss you both.

Love, Lela.


I folded the two pieces of paper and started my car.


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